A Drop of Hope - Topic 1.

My dear Forum Members, as I chose this Title for this Topic, I really have a drop of hope that we will be Answered and our Game Begins to Reach the Potential It Has Shown from the Beginning.
On the 24th of last month, the Game turned 2 years old since launch.
Can we say that the Game Evolved? Yes. Did it evolve as we expected? No!
This is the 1st Topic that I’m going to do, because I want to write very clearly what we have, what we need and what we want to be added to the Game.
But it would be impossible to write EVERYTHING in a single Topic.
But here’s the question: Where should we start?
By the Predators? By the Team of Soldiers? By the Maps? By the Game Modes? By the meaningless things present in the Game? For Gameplay Flaws and Limitations? By the Lack of Loyalty in Representing Predators and Soldiers from Movies in the Game? By the Lack of new Weapons and new Equipments? For the lack of exclusivity for certain items and DLC Packs increasingly Poor in Content?
(And I think there were more things missing to ask).
OK. Let’s start with the Predators. The Big Stars and the Biggest Protagonists of the Game and Everything that revolves around the subject.
Currently in the game, we have 12 predator settings that we can use in matches.
But here, there is already a Small Problem.
Today, we already have 12 more Predators in the game. To recap: People who were able to pre-purchase the Game have the Jungle Hunter '87 as an Exclusive Item.
OK. At launch we had 3 Predators - Hunter, Scout and Berserker.
And unfortunately, in All, the Males and Females were inserted into the same Predator - Which is an Absurd Mistake that hasn’t been fixed until today, but we’ll talk about that soon.
OK. 4 Predators - 3 to be exact.
Soon, DLC Packs started to come and 2 Predators were Added - The Predator Alpha and the Predator Elder.
If I’m not wrong, the DLC’s came in this order: Samurai, City Hunter, Viking, Valkyrie, Cleopatra, Exiled, Falconer, Mr. Black and Captured in the same Pack, Wolf and Emissary was the last.
In total, we have 17 Predators. 16, for those who did not pre-purchase the Game.
We have already maxed out the number of possible Configurations in the Predator Selection. Which are currently 12.
And Detail: There were to be 20 (19) if the Females were separated from the Males, with a Unique Class and with their own Specifications.
Only here I could demonstrate 2 things that could be corrected.

  • We could have more Settings for select the Predators;
  • And we could have 3 New Predator Classes, but they would be Females with their own specifications, just like Cleopatra and Valkyrie.

Now, I’m going to ask a few questions:

  • Why do Predators have a Limited use of Perks and Equipment?
  • What is the Difference between a Weapon and an Equipment?
  • What is the Difference between a Standard Equipment, Essencial, and an Equipment that we can choose or not take to use?
  • Why are there no Exclusives Equipments in the Game?
  • Why are so many Items Added, that are Irrelevant to Gameplay and what needs to be added is not added?

I still don’t understand why the Predators Classes (and the Soldiers Classes) have a Limited Number of Perks and Equipment.
Every Predator (and every Soldier) can only use 3 Perks and 3 Equipment.
This greatly limits the gameplay.
The Wolf for example. He can use 8 Equipment and 15 Perks.
That’s what I don’t understand.
The Game provides us with 25 Advantages! And we can only use 3!
Equipment is even worse.
Because We Just Don’t Have Equipment for Predators!
Just the same ones that were added at launch and the City Hunter Pulse Launcher, that should be Exclusive to him!

I’m going to close this thread for the moment, but I’ll do a part 1.1, because just in relation to Predators, because a lot still needs to be fixed.


It’s useless to write posts like this,they just don’t care anymore
We have to accept that.


They used up all the revenue from this game to fund Arcadageddon and Ghostbusters

The funeral was held yesterday

Our only hope now is that we can begin to heal


I hope rebellion will take the rights of predator and do another AvP.
AvP from 2010 was made with love…


That would be great and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time

IO Interactive would be a good choice too


They didn’t even update their own site Lmao
Look at the patch note number



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AVP 2010 is the best game I’ve ever played


Otherwise, it wouldn’t be balanced. The stronger classes would use the better perks/equipment.

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Never played AvP2?

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No sadly not. Watched a fair bit of gameplay of it tho

Man it was something special back when it was active. You can still play single player though. You can download it for free. The single player was outstanding.


I don’t understand why thermal takes power when the predator’s vision is thermal. I feel like it would be better if seeing normally (how humans see) takes off energy. And maybe some sort of plasma caster tracking like we have in the movies. If anything the devs should be taking concepts from the original movies and ignore The Predator

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Because fuck pred


thats what this game is. avp was way better

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We’ve all suggested this, but they just want an arcadey pew pew game and thermal useless.

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at least the goal of the pred isn’t kidnapping a kid with autism because his dna will make you “stronger” and “smarter”

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But if we dont’t have balance, the experience could be more exciting.

The Predator, at its core, is already a much more evolved and deadly creature.
When I say that we should no longer have these limitations, I see the following scenario:

  • We would have Much Better Predators;

  • And a Better Equipped Team to Fulfill the Mission and Survive Predator Attacks. And even try to Kill him in a more efficient way.

Technically speaking, we could explore the strategy further.
For example. The Falconer.
He actually wasn’t even supposed to have a Plasma Cannon. He is a Very Strategistc Predator.
He uses his Drone to locate his Prey, goes to Them and Attacks them in a Very Direct way. Body to Body. His only weapon is his blade on his right arm.
With a higher use of Perks and Equipment, He would be a very interesting Predator to use in a Match.
Because He does not use other Weapons. It is a Very Classic Predator.
His difference between a regular Hunter, like the 1987 Hunter and the Captured, is that He is a type of Scout.
And He prefers to use other tools to find their Prey - Using their Drone for example.


Jeez that was a lot of tryharding just for him to lose to a guy with 4 fingers and a sword 1v1