A few words before tomorrow's patch.

WTH is that your drinking and why isn’t it Scotch?

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These are shot b52, Kahlua, Baileys and Triple Sec. Coffee, cream and orange liqueur. Then I’ll switch to whiskey) It’s cool to work as a bartender in a strip club, de facto you have endless alcohol


Not a big fan of elaborate cocktails

I’m a minimalist

Prefer straight or on the rocks

I do enjoy myself a white russian here and there or a jack n coke, or in my case, jack with coke (acola)

Really prefer beer though but don’t drink regularly

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I am a Russian person with Swedish roots, it just so happens that I don’t get drunk, I need to mix a lot of different things in order to feel at least something. The same applies, for example, to painkillers, at the dentist’s office I receive 9 injections of anesthesia, because the time of its work on me is in the region of 5-6 minutes. This is what happens when at birth you put all your points in status resistance.

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sips Ciroc Red Berries


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Thanks for the kind words @SoBadsOGad!! It’s nice to see cool people peppered throughout the Forums every now and then, especially with all of the Toxicity that can happen.

I really love Hunting Grounds but it’s inconsistent Playerbase as of late really tarnishes the experience. @IllFonic really needs some Single Player Content similar to Friday the 13th’s Bots/Challenges, with (of course) some new Maps. We’ll see what tomorrow has in store.

Happy Hunting!!


Your Living Room there reminds me of a Cabin’s interior from Friday the 13th. I mean that with the utmost sincerity!!

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I will send a bottle of whiskey to the developers if I see a hunt in the game, not beating two teams of each other with sticks.

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I’ve been getting regular Predators, as I call them. Seem to be going up against the same guys alot, is the PS4 Predator pool that dry??

It certainly feels like it, even with a shoddy 4:05 average wait time. I.E. it says four minutes but it’s a crapshoot to get into anything.

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Damn it! Okay, guys, 10 minutes, I’m out of tabasco at home! I’ll be back soon!

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Time to add some fire! Ho ho ha ha, while I’m making my sangritta, can I tell you a funny joke, have you ever been challenged to a duel by a drunk Japanese man? A year ago, I faced such a situation at work, I was dragged out from behind the bar by a couple of his guards and the dude took a real katana out of his Lexus and stood in a miku stand, then I joked that an honest duel would not work because I only had a leather katana out of my weapon we laughed and now this dude is my regular guest, by the way, a couple of days later he gave me a souvenir katana.

cute kitty on the TV there, bud.

I’ve had some interesting experiences working in bars myself. Closest thing to a duel was being attacked by a guy twice my size, who was roid raging in a 3 size to small Superman T-shirt, with an aluminum bat.

When the cops broke it up, by parking their car between us, they pointed their guns at me, which at the time was kinda hilarious, in a terribly disturbing way. I still don’t know why they thought I was the threat and not Bizarro, I didn’t even have a weapon.

I’d like to say in the 5 to 10 minutes before they showed up I never got hit once, but it wouldn’t be true. His stripper (no disrespect intended) girlfriend smacked me right before he pulled the bat out of his car.

Kitten? This is 10 kilograms of a cat, it will grow for another year, this is Maine Coon

this is actually wholesome. but I have a few words for the devs

Don’t Fuck It Up

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Still a kitty to me. They all are😸

The worse thing that could happen is that its not fun. and we already heard from OKH that it is fun from his perspective! I’m more excited if we get a new Roadmap and Paid DLC server in the next few months.

I very rarely meet with aggression in our club, although once I managed to rip a couple of thousand off social activists, it was fun. My shift starts at 11 am and ends at 6 am, and now I go home at about 6:30 am, I drink an energy drink and I am stopped by 2 guys 16-17 years old with the question: “What example are you setting for children?” I turn around, on empty streets, asking “Is it you, or what, children?” To which I get the answer “We are from the public organization” Lev Against “, throw out the power engineer”, to which I naturally answer: “And I’m from a public organization, go fuck it, want to show you how we work?” And then one of them kicks me in the shoulder and the second takes out a camera, just so that you understand the context, I’m 186 centimeters tall and weigh 92 kilograms, I just grab his camera from the dude and call the police, saying that I will give the camera only to the parents of these two cormorants. These were the simplest 2000 that I earned in life, it’s cool to know your rights.

This gathering is great for pumping my English skills, by the way. I’m trying to write all this without the help of a translator so don’t throw stones at me, I’m really trying)

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