A.I. can revive you?

So i was down and all other FT members were down too, and i start being revived.
Only ones around standing were the Predator and the A.I.
Buff A.I.


Well that came out of nowhere. The kind of thing where you wonder who could it be, and its yo momma.

No seriously, from the minimap,it looks like blue B player didn’t actually die until he started healing you and the heal went all the way automatically or something. But he died instantly.

Oh no the A.I are learning!

Cue Terminators


If you look closely, you’ll notice that the blue FT was killed instantly, the skull appeared on the screen. I started being revived that second and continued being revived for a couple of more seconds till the Predator killed me. So, no way it was a FT reviving me or it was, but with desync issues…

probably exactlythat. otherwise youd see an AI red dot there to begin with.