A Karen strikes again!

Welp today marks a day where Karen’s have struck a new low!

Karen returns a SUV. I do my normal check, everything looks fine. ( seats were all folded down in the back) so I give the K her receipt and she goes on her happy day.

Here is where the seats being folded down comes into play! My car cleaner comes up front and says the middle rows head rest are missing? I ask them if they are in the truck he says no! Im okay let me call the renters and ask them! Here is where it gets fun!

K: answers the Phone!
M: yes Hello this is Thundercats and Im from the Rental agency.
K: Yea what can I help you.
M: well ma’am my service agent is telling me that the car is missing head rest in the middle row!
K: well then they weren’t there when we picked up the vehicle.
M: I can understand that but there is no notes in the system saying the car is missing the headrest.
K: what are you implying? That im a Liar?
M: no Im just trying to locate the head rest ma’am.
K: well We dont have them. Angrily hangs up the phone!

I go to charge them for the missing items of the car, and the Phone rings! Its the Karen’s Husband.

KH: Yes hello this is the Husband of the a karen you just spoke to!
M: thinking to myself (ohhh boy here it comes) Okay sir and how can I help you.
KH: well my Idiot wife decided to tell me after what is going on, and we do have the head rests and I shall be over shortly!
M: okay ty.

The husband arrives apologizes for his Karen of a wife and says that she kept hushing me while she was on the phone. Sorry about that!


Maybe the issue isn’t the fact that they’re a Karen and has more to do with your rental service using outdated T.V shows as aliases.

Considering you said your name was Thundercats I think you might be the liar.

Unless your parents were that bad

Would you look at that You were right the entire time. Guess I owe you an apology.

Nevermind I guess you did mistake her then.

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Why are you changing things lol!

Also i only unsed my form name to keep it safe lol!


Wait… you guys don’t introduce yourself by your gamer tag?

Actually that might be for the best…
Reenactment below of a similar situation. Me and my son walking through the mall he was 4 years old…

“Keep up Clone number 3!”
Without missing a beat my son yelled
“I’m Not Clone Mumber 3, I’m Clone 4.” He is dead serious in tone and posture.

Lady walking by turns looks at us, pauses for a whole beat and then hurries on, giving me the nastiest looks as she went.


Please tell me you actually answer the phone as ‘Thundercats’.



Unfortunately no! I only used that so I didn’t have to type blah blah or my name lol!


You’re a huge disappointment! You MUST correct this error!



You’re a capitalist pig. You dishoner your family.

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Let’s not try to guess people’s names here lest we forget the Kevin Syndrome. Which states that when you’re in a room full of Kevin’s with the same interests things get really awkward!

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Your name is Kevin now

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I said he should be ‘Thundercats.’ I stand by it.

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Oh thanks Aston.

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Lol advice

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My names Kevin


lol she showed up ready to fight

you were about to catch hands the husband saved your life


But why, WHY would you try to steal headrests? What purpose would it serve???

In all seriousness, interesting story, + feel bad for the husband having to deal with all that constantly.