A message to all the monkeys saying Predator needs a nerf


Fuuuuck, Fireteam is so hard. Wish I was good enough to play as idiot-proof: the class

When it gets to the point of where there’s nothing you can do as a Predator to win, let alone survive, there’s a problem. i.e. cracked PC premades. But y’know, nerf Pred, buff FT


Nerf guns won’t work on the predator either.

Yep. The yautja, the superior being that in the Predator universe, is revealed to be responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs due to hunting them down, dies to a few shots from a pistol.


Your Scared to Fight me lol




Wow, the fact that the pred even got close to you is a problem. Spotter should just be default, idk why they’re allowed to move so fast

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God damn thats some fast button smashing is he using macro?



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I’ve been saying this for months and everyone’s spit on me the predator’s health is too weak and that

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That’s me playing and no. I just press R2 fast af, and the pistol itself is already ridiculously fast for the damage it deals. On a duelist scout, each shot is like a chunk of the pred’s hp.

Jfc you jumped almost to the other side of the jungle. Scout duelist is like if hacks were fairly in the game. XD

Yeah with double time you can dodge predator weapons like they are nothing.

I can’t remember what I was using before I uninstalled, but I think it was yautja bane and that took up a lot of perk limit

You dont really need bane, dmg is already insane enough with just duelist + pistol. I use thick skin, double time and action hero. You are the fastest ft in the game with 20% dmg reduction while running so with thick skin Predator needs to do like same dmg to get you down as it does for a support almost. With action hero, you can hit while hipfiring so you don’t have to worry and losing speed while doing ads cus you dont need it.

Scout got everything expect gear, but if you have teammates for that there is like no weakness. A “glass canon” that is tanky while running with super speed.

Yeah, you’re right. I’m an MMO player, though, and my MMO brain tells me to always min-max when I can. If I can get the max amount of damage, I’ll do it. I was running yautja bane and-uhhh…I think it was OWLF training or thick skin, it was something with damage reduction.

They have to nerf that gun