A message to Illfonic...

We all absolutely love and appreciate everything u have done with this game, truly we do, but I think we would rather have most, if not all of the bugs worked out of the game. We understand that u guys r trying ur best and that ur a small dev team, but we gotta prioritize bug fixes over new content. I haven’t played in 2 weeks cuz how rediculous the bugs r getting. I’m glad ur able to come up with so many ideas and give us cool content, but please take care of the bugs before u release more. It’s very much needed and would be much appreciated by all of us, thank u.

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I do agree. I can understand a game like this is not easy to format and I do think you have done a good job in that sense with the way the predator moves throughout the trees. The huge problems are the lack of content(game modes, story mode, offline AI mode with actual objectives for the predator instead of trying to hunt down a bullshit FT in a bullshit time constricted repetitive construct that doesn’t even let the predator hunt properly

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I have not purchased the DLC because I just want the game I bought in the first place to work. The constant bugs and crashes are destroying the gameplay for everyone. I really want to play this game, but when I can’t use my secondary weapon and have the game crash every other match it really kills it. I honestly don’t know how you’re able to market this as a working computer game in its current state which has gotten worse with every patch and DLC.

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Just to be clear… the bugs (at least from all the posts Ive read in the forum) are on the Predator’s controls (major), accessibility of weapons(minor) and movements(major- because its a direct result of the controls) and i think maybe visuals (minor).
I think many people are fairly satisfied with FT.

Yeah because the FT is OP Macho Madness and the bugs/glitches just make them even more OP. Those who bought this game to play as the Predator are getting tired of underwhelming actions that are being taken to fix this real issue. I play on PS4 and I can tell you that the crazy knife parries and quick claims that turn into long claims is killing this game slowly but surely…