A more interesting bomb defuse

A friend ask me recently to make a script to solve the bomb defuse mini-game, which I immediately replied: “Why? The mini-game is way too easy. There’s no reward for it anymore.”

Sure, at the beginning we were under pressure, it was a thing. Later on it just became so pointless that we stopped doing it altogether.

So here’s a suggestion to make it more interesting. Call it a “last effort” for the pred to win the match.

Make it so the pred can tap a button after activating the bomb so the symbols change every time said button is tapped. That will make it sort of a race where the pred can try and prevent the bomb from being defused. It would require an input limit though, as one can simply tap the button as fast as possible and make it impossible to solve, but, let’s say the symbols changed every second, that would be actually rewarding to solve, from a gameplay standpoint.

Here’s a better way:

Shoot the bomb before it can be activated


that would be irratating as fuck, id say leave it homie. Just knowing that the predator ISN"T DEAD and that he’s there re-tapping each time you do is comical. Raising his head every so often while laying dead on the floor hoping FT doesn’t notice.
And everytime you predator meddles with the symbols, his “laughing” stops and says “oops”.


cut off the arm

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that’s the whole point

this game is full of trolls, give them the tools they need to maximize it

Harrigan style


This game is perfection!

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Absolutely, just like jelly on French toast.

you get me! you know me! Russian loves Americano!

woody 2

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