A Predator sequel based on PHG


what would make a movie sequel with Arnold starring be awesome?
Gather your Predator Stalking Shadows lore and PHG visuals and tell us!!!

  1. Arnold needs to have the predator armour!!! Shoulder canon!

  2. Arnold needs to be an outcast of a Stargazer operation!

  3. Arnold needs to reboot this franchise!!!

  4. Got to have a Rambo First Blood vibe!
    5.Christopher Nolan needs to have a script ready!

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Dude is almost 80

Let him be bro

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I would like to see the really fast “Shark-skinned Predator” that Dutch fights in that novel and most of all I’d love to see Cleopatra in live action.

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I would be the main character

This shit right here 👆

Stalking Shadows is underappreciated and it hurts


Yeah it’s definitely one of my favourite novels, particularly in the Predator universe for sure.

Honestly, I wanna see the ending of the Cleopatra & Dutch feud. A story was set up and then we got cliffhangered.

That or a story about Royce and how his story continues when going to the Yautja Predator Homeworld


I would love to see that actually work onscreen. We actually get to see female yautja class on the big screen played by some muscle builder lady. hoping that that would be somehow awkwardly pleasant.

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If there ever was complications in making a Female Yautja possible on the big screen, Cleopatra would be my choice since we got a good idea what she looked like. I’d also be okay if they maybe changed her armor and mask design to be more Yautja then Egyptian.

If the guy that played Feral Predator, who started off as a professional Basketball player, can become a suit actor I mean it could be just as easy for a female bodybuilder to be one as well… not to mention they don’t really need lines anyways, just body language practice.
(Idk what it takes to be a suit actor so I might be wrong)

Also I think the other factor is it would be very hard to find a Female Body Builder that met the height requirements.

They’d probably just get a guy to do it and stick some boobs on him. If they’re wearing a Predator suit it won’t really make a difference. I highly doubt there will be any women fitting the criteria for a suit actor to play a Predator and also be between 6ft5 and 7ft3 in height.

The shortest Predator actor was Derek Mears (Crucified Predator) and he was 6ft5. He also played Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th 2009. And then the tallest Predator actor was Kevin Peter Hall (Jungle Hunter, City Hunter, Greyback) at 7ft3.

The likelihood that you’ll find a female bodybuilder or basketball player or suit actor who is within those height ranges is incredibly slim.

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Brittany Griner 6’9

Liz Cambage 6’9

Jonquil Jones 6’6

Yekaterina Lisina 6’9



yeah lets not look at big women now. I mean she would be in a a freaky reptile skin costume. lets not go there either.

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I rather see an actual woman in a predator costume than a big ass dude. At least for the cleopatra or Valkyrie

Even men that spend thousands on surgery won’t be able to move how a female moves. It would be interesting to see it portrayed as accurately as possible.