A question to Illfonic in regards to crediting

Hey @OldKingHamlet @Courier

I really love the amount of work poured into the character models within this game, is it possible that I could create and publish a mod with the predator assets as long as I credit you guys? I will not allow any other user to take these assets without asking for permission first. I saw some other guys do this with Modern Warfare’s assets and they got permission from Activision (Obviously you are a different company) so I was wondering where your stance is on this too.

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Hope they say yes but likelihood is it would be a no.

Not many small developers (or large fot that matter), want to see their work distributed freely when its their source of income.

Imagine making a predator mod on ue4 using paid assets that then could rival illfonics game?

It might not even be illfonics call in this case, 20th century have licensed the use of the predator likeness and movie studios have been known to shut down even free mods that use thier IP such as star wars shutting down a jedi mod for UE3 back in the day.

Then you have the problem of asset flipping. If illfonic allow their art assets to be used outside of this game you are going to get every Chinese rip off developer under the sun making legal clones of the game and selling it for 5 bucks on the Google play store…

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You make some valid points, personal use it is then.

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Your reference to Chinese riff offs is an ignorant one. Chinese stealing IP typically only relates to engineering IP like stuff like everyday goods which are mass produced there.Americans (prodominantly linked to Chinese manufacturers) are the only ones complaining because they are the ones starting up the product and can make loads of money by manufacturing in China/ India (which is happening there too), but the Chinese factory is likely to come up secretly with a similar product in the factor next door. This type of stuff happens all the time, for products with no known patents like adhesive tape, door stoppers and other types of things from Staples.

You can take a Transformer and make a suitableknockoff, and call it a GO-Bot but thats a different story.

I don’t think you can take an Xenomorph less a Yautja model and repurpose that in your own unique game and if you do, its not they care about the model (because thats Identifyable) but you’d likely make a product (if only for fun) but it detracts the attention away from the original product that they are putting lots of investment into.
Thats why fan games were shut down because they ripped the models out and placed it into something else, and then the fanbase wanted to be apart of it. and then Fox said no.

To complicate things even more,Disney bought 20th century fox studios. The chain is longer , now

Isn’t there a law, just like terminators, where after 30 or so years the rights revert back to the original owners? I’m sure James Cameron is getting the terminator IP back very soon

This is not ignorant if it is literally the case my friend.

China subscribes to confucianist philosophy - you are encouraged to copy anything yourself until you have mastered it. This is an interesting and well meaning concept except for the fact its used by people wanting to make a few bucks to rip off existing intellectual property.

There have been wow rip offs, a rainbow 6 siege rip off on the Google app store which originated from China, PUBG rip offs… even Pokemon cards.

The games were all asset flips which “borrowed” the models from the games they were trying to copy in the first place.

Not all of them originate from China and some asset flippers like “Digital Homicide” for instance who are western based and use either paid for unity store assets or creative commons license assets and cobble them into a feankensteins monster of a “game” which they regularly sold on the Steam Greenlight program for the price of fully fledged games.

But the majority of them are, because its perfectly legal there.

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That would be so cool to be an asset flipper and make games to put on steam. Serious. I wish I could make a 2d game like mega man x crossed with castlevania.

What does this mean in terms of photorealism? How do you copy the technique of photorealism? How do you rip off photorealistic artistic principles? How is fine art a rip off of fine art?

Like…how is COD a rip of Battlefield? It is in a way a ripoff but…you know…negatively put…anything photorealistic is a rip off of something photo realistic.

If Unity’s engine is replicated…isn’t another product made using that replicated engine…just limited to what one can create?

But whatever…this is not the point. I think the issue lies in the creative licensing in re-usable assets and if they are deliberately unaltered…hell this is just art and design. so its legally blurry.
In the art world its completely rediculous to speculate what is ripped off and what is not unless its branded or pallette based material.

IP stealing is mainly located in things like hardware reproduction such as stuff like erasers that literally use the same chemical compounds but made in a different geometric forms and such. or electrical breadboards for computer accessory components such as USB devices.

You can’t believe how many breadboards are ripped off only just to replace the semi-conductor or odd chip or two, and they just repaint the surface of a plastic housing and sold as a different product.
If you’ve ever bought a USB device you’ll know what i mean. You can literally browse Ebay for a dozen of the same thing sold in China and realize 4 of them are from different companies. Then you’ll find them sold in America for 10x the amount and realize they aren’t really made in America, but just packaged in America, made in China because the owners live in America capitalizing on the China/US trade agreements by manufacturing in it China. Don’t get me wrong, i’m sure that pisses alot of people off thinking it was made in America and that China is ripping of American made stuff, but ultimately the fault lies in the manufacturing process and America’s ability to outsource production.

America, if you didn’t know, has trade agreements that doesn’t allow them to manufacture in certain countries by taking advantage of the low cost of labour. Such as Mexico.
You can’t find them doing it because its illegal, but i’m sure there are design companies that they go to in asia that actually DO take their work to Africa or Mexico.

Makes you think. But im sure it won’t make you smart. LMFAO! If you aren’t a millionaire by now Americano…its your own damn fault!

I’m sure you’re smart enough to know at the highest level of what a rippoff is @Scope2008 dope …but if you don’t know…then what the fuck are you talking about?

You can bet your bottom dollar that you will never get a replay from devs on that. Answer is “Stop fucking with our PAK archives!!!”

I did’t want to use their assets outside of the game, just modified one of the masks, so it would look bit more lore accurate. Posted some photos of it in game, explaind how its done (super simple modification) and if its too much of a hastel I will provide the mesh myself… up to this day I did not get an answer, despit a lot of ppl asked them to replay to me on that. Soon as you will touch their files they will ignore you.