A solution for long wait times as predator

Make it so that you have to play a set amount of games as fireteam to play one as predator. This will basically fix the long waiting times for playing predator.

Some people dont play as Fireteam at all and vice versa

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Ik but thats the only way I can think of that will shorten the waiting times.

But then what if people dont want to play as fireteam ? If you force pred only players to play more as ft than as pred which is the only reason they play the game they might just quit playing the game. Then ft players will have less pred players to go against.

They could have tried doing like on F13 that all players get in the lobby and 1 of them becomes pred at random but people can choose preference on settings to have a higher chance of playing as ft or pred.


Or the more (full) rounds you play as FT the further in the queue you jump when choosing pred.

Locking non-ranked matchmaking behind prerequisites

What a shitty idea. If I want to play as pred I should be able to play as pred.

yeah lets force people into team roles that don’t want to play team roles what could go wrong?

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Absolutely everything!

start the Game, search for a match… end the search, end the game, go out to desktop, start the game again and search for a match… IDK why but it works