A stupid extra mode, but a funny one

Extra mode name: Pig fight.

100 players spawn, as any Fireteam member, but are only allowed to be equipped with Rocket Launchers with Infinite Ammo, with another catch. Instead of firing Rocket’s, the Rocket Launchers would fire tiny explosive boars/pigs that explode on impact. Ragdoll physics are increased, but will slightly depend on the angle each rocket is fired. The objective of the game mode is to shoot other players in a free for all with each player earning points from how far, and high a dead player flies, due to the sheer ragdoll physics from the explosion which will earn them “knockout points”. The person with the highest ragdoll points, when the time run’s out wins. That player then win’s some Veritanium, along with an Ultra Rate Fireteam customization, or Predator cosmetic of any class. Killing yourself will make you lose points, unless you, and another player go directly in front of each other point blank, and pull the trigger which will either reward you with a lot of points, or take away more points, depending on how both of you are knocked high, and farther from the explosion.

Bonus achievement: “Oh the humanity”=In some certain matches, 1 hidden normal boar/pig will spawn in, if you shoot the pig with the rocket launcher in that game mode (which is a pig) you will earn the achievement for killing a pig with another pig.

I thought of this idea recently, and couldn’t get it out of my head


Thats a cool idea, but good luck finding 100 players. They have custom matches where you can adjust the physics already. I saw a clash match where everyone was using rockets, grenades, and knifes. I would like a knife only mode (for both clash and hunt) with extra blood and removable limbs.


True, that’s also not a bad idea for a mode

Medieval mode when???

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