A Yeetja spaceship map

I’ll be fantasma glad if a pred ship map is added.

If possible make it look like lost tribe ship on the inside, and like the predator 87 ship on the outside.

Maybe there can be a danger room (like from X-men) on the ship that serves as an area of alien jungle.

So it woul play like headquarters or excavation.

Caves= reskin to look like a pred ship. Maybe an elevator that leads to a chained up queen in the ships belly.

Jungle = reskin of regular jungle but more alien looking. I’ll settle with how they did Predators with my girl Isabella.

FT has to destroy the ship by releasing a queen or something like a bunch o facehugglers


And escape via drop pods

And also jetpacks and lightsabers and attack helicopters and x-ray vision so you can see through trees. Also we need the predator to be able to revive after the wrist computer explosion, so if you manage to kill the fireteam with the explosion then you can still be alive at the end.




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Pred spaceship is a cool idea. Would rather have an aliens or terminator themed level with new ai , like terminators or aliens.

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Horrible fukn idea. But because you came up with it. I’ll give it an ass pass 🫡

U asking too much bro

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