About game crashing

my game has been crashing since the night maps update, the thing is i can log into the game and stay as long as i want but if i try to play i can only play one at most two games before the game crashes in the middle of the next game expelling my two friends from the game also saying about some kind of error does anyone know how to solve it already tried to delete the saved data but the same crash continues to occur im from PS4 btw

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Could you provide the error number for us when you get a chance?

ok when i happen to crash again i’ll send you

Do you happen to have the error number?

I haven’t played for a while and when I played I ended up forgetting to write down the code but from what I saw it’s the same code the others are giving

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Okay, thank you for the follow up! That’s helpful!

CE-34878-0 This is what EVERYONE is taking place! crashes, crashes, CE-34878-0 PS4