About moderators...

There is already bias. The current mod already acts on emotion and personal feelings, which is not professional in the slightest (there are numerous cases of this with various people)

Also, sweetie, since I know you’re reading, be a grown up and DM me first if you have a problem with what I say; 9/10 if you do that I’ll likely stop because typically warning someone before you ban them (especially with the outlandish reasons why you do it) is the intelligent and adult thing to do.


Ive been banned numerous of times. I fact the last time I got banned i never actaully written any text that was sexually offensive. Yet Kass banned me sayin that i did (never a warning before the ban-never even wanted me to retract any posts). Shes ban trigger happy all the time.


lol apparently she doesnt get paid enough to give warnings.
She only warns in megathreads that are like 300 posts long and already derailed.

I think we should petition to get her a raise maybe it’ll improve her mental.

I’m sensing some hostility and resentment in the air.

tbf its on par with the rest of illfonic’s communication

medics cocaine crisis