About moderators...


I would like to know the number of moderators from the Illfonic team whom reply simultaneously please, because I feel there is only one.
I hope I am wrong, because if unfortunately there are so few of them, that would explain why they cannot write back as one would like.

In advance thank you.
Best regards

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Well, we used to have 2, OldKingHamlet and Courier. Just recently got a third, Kassinailia, and it seems like she’s the only active one, and OKH and C are off in paradise sipping on pina colada’s. More realistically probably spending more time working on “improving” the game.


Thank you for your response TheSenate.
This therefore partly explains the few answers from the team.
If you are part of the team as I suppose, why does the Illfonic logo not appear under your username?

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Because I took it away because of that thing he did, I keep mine hidden though but don’t worry I’m always watching.

Are you the same Baloo that’s in King Goth’s chat all the time?

Sorry REYNOSO_FUA11, my English is far from excellent … I did not really understand.

No SgtMoose, nothing to see. I do not know him. why ?

… So only one moderator, Kassinailia (not to name her)…
I now understand better what happened to me and why …
One should think about hiring at Illfonic.
Communication is not to be neglected, especially for a company in the digital field, and moreover video games.
By this cruel lack of information, you generate excited and other dissatisfied of all kinds.
No benefit to be derived from this.

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It’s nothing just a joke. Senate is not a moderator he’s just another forum user as am I.

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Ho I see… lol … Thanks

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Unfortunately I am not part of IllFonic, just a guy whos been here a while. However IllFonic, if you are listening…

Yeah this!

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Same name and pic as another individual I regularly see there is all.

Well for a small game and a small forum they would really only need 1 moderator. Not to mention that this place was the wild west for the longest time that while I disagree with how hard they came out swinging I do understand to a point why Kass was so heavy handed out of the gate.

I’m skeptical of mods by general principle because everyone, no matter how hard they try, has personal biases that will affect their work. For moderators it could be they are harsher on some forum members over others even if both parties have broken the rules to the same degree.

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Yea I’m of the opinion that community Moderators should have actually like, been from the community but frankly there’s not a lot to choose from when it comes to the fourms. Gender is whatever?

I would think that would run the risk of bias? Often communities are split and it would be a very few that are neutral.

They have a shield next to their name you shall see

Very likely, yes. I mean given that most of the community here act like rabid dogs and children that’s not really happening but it would have been nice to see.

Most , not all though.

A lot of people get stigma due to others though , so I wouldn’t say everyone is in the same boat in regards to that . A lot is warranted criticism.




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