About the AI

I would like to see everyone’s opinions on the AI i think their fine i would like some more voice lines and reactions to what the pred and ft do and i would like the AI to be a but smarter but there fine i can live with them i would also like some more variation i would also like it if they couldn’t fucking track you better than the pred

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I’d like new enemy types

Like STGZ soldiers kitted with predator tech, dogs, rocket launchers and helicopters

Maybe emplaced weapons

Also they need to stop appearing out of thin air


In the some matches
There are 10000 AI in every camp and they are keep coming from no where and teleport behind you with a shotgun
I think they have to do something about that :/


I treat the AI as my substitute Pred Dogs. They’re very handy for sniffing out and locating the Muddy FT.

Also very impressed with their ability to scream after you’ve killed them.


Apprently it came to my attention that they never had a true a.i. person to configure them. So the rest of the team kinda filled in what they could do. I was so confused about the ai for the longest time until someone showed me this. I’m like it makes so much sense now.


I use them quite a bit to overwhelm Fts.
Like Greyback’s idea.
Using them to track FT.

Their added dps helps to weaken ft into using heals more too.
But against good, aware FT team they aint shit.

The biggest problem with the AI is, that they know exactly where you hide, all the time…

I would like the AI to concentrate on the predator, if one is in the vicinity - as this would be something you should expect if an Alien joins the fight of humans.

It, by the way, would let the predator think twice before using the AI as a tracker tool:)

Lately I was a little unnerved by the sheer mass of AI constantly popping up from everywhere. Prevented me from enjoying the fight with the predator at that moment.

So, some amount of AI might be necessary to keep the balance, but sometimes the AI just is a little too much, if you ask me…

As a predator . The AI can see and find the complite invisible Pred if you are on the ground or on top of the roof
It’s really bullshit
How can they see the fully invisible Pred ?!
And they always know the location of Fireteam
You can not hide from AI
So if you are “last man standing” in the game and there is a mission to stay near the location ( YOU LOSE)

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They should walk out of doors at bare minimum. Werent even trying with the AI spawning infront of you. Shouldnt be on the minimap either.

AI need huge rework or brain improvement.

  1. They should stop spawning front of you or behind of you.
  2. They should stop being tracking dogs with wallhacks (yes they can shoot and see you through obstacles).
  3. They should be more accurate during fight, as example- using covers, moving in groups.
  4. Their awareness. At the moment there is almost impossible to clear camp without opening fire (in stealth) because they are reacting to every ai death immediately (as I said before : Through obstacles) and stealth mission turns into chaos
  5. Damage and overall threat from them must be increased.
  6. Target prioritizing. They should focus fire on predator too.
  7. Their movemen. Sometimes it’s very hard to hit them because their movement soo unrealistic. They just teleporting from side to side in weird animations. It looks like huge ping in pvp

p.s. Just grab some money’s from your investors and make this game more looks like Ghost recon Wildlands, which can be enjoying even without predator.

ohh the AI

They provide absolutely nothing interesting to the game. They are a nuisance. They spot on your back right after you fully healed. They make you drop frames like crazy. Armored ones eat more ammo than a Pred. They are dumb, yet they have x-ray vision. They have weapons that can shoot through walls and fences, even though yours can’t. 9 times out of 10 they provide a bigger challenge than a pred, but not because they are smart, but because they spawn in ridiculous numbers, right on top of you and deal massive damage.

I honestly wouldn’t call them AI, because they have literally zero intelligence. I call them NPC’s, because that’s what they are; unplayable characters that are programmed for like 3 different actions.

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My take on AI is that they should not be spawning infinitly but thaf there is way more of them and like moving patrols scanning the area just like in a secure way of looking at thing like just to eliminate any possible threat in this case fireteam + predator… this can also be used incase predator is feasting at pigs he can be found by the patrol and they shoot at him if predator is a sloppy predator and stuff like that…

However the AI should be made way much more OP than they are but lowered in sizes way much more to make up for how OP they are, and the spawn rates will be changed to not spawn at all infinitly unless there is like a mess up with the work and alarms are turned on then it calls all possible AI in the area that half stay on patrolling entire the map and other half goes and tries to kill the fireteam and i also wanna add that they should be way smarter and like lose line of sight and that there should be like a sneak mechanic in game for not being able to be heard or seen while mudded up if ur like behind them, and same goes with their little wallhack aimbot they have in game lmao… that shit needs to go if u managed to juke them out…

But yeah patrols needs to be added in game where there is like a semi boss captain team leader and he can easily beat a 1v1 fireteam member if u decide to take it all urself alone… 2 members should be enough for him tho lol

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