Absolute invisibility and nets are easily exploited and need to be fixed

Just firing from invisibility is broke , its been done to me and i have done it to others. It’s broken, it need to be reworked, and nets after net after net is a serious issue.

Even though they’re invisible every ranged weapon will still giveaway their location if you have a good eye. Just look out for a trail that gets left behind after firing. As for nets just stand still and you’ll break out of them faster. Or get your teammate to melee you out of it.

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None of that is broken let’s focus on bigger issues lol


Stop your fkn whining. There are actual problems in the game that needs to be fixed. Firing nets while invisible isnt a problem. Git gud.


But why is it so broke? Without that this argument is dead in the water. Evidence>tears

There is no doubt a skill discrepancy issue here.

Stationary invisibility is absolutely a problem for newer players who rely almost entirely on visual guides on where and when to shoot.

However as you play more, you’ll understand this isn’t as much of an issue as you think. In fact, many Predators are getting so used to this tactic being “OP”, that they rely on it almost entirely.

I’ve had multiple games lately where a Predator will just stand still shooting the bow or plasma pistol, and when they start getting attacked, they DONT MOVE! Like they somehow haven’t really been detected, and if they just remain still enough, they’ll eventually stop getting shot at.
I’ve managed to put entire clips into a Predator while they just stand there.

It’s very much a behaviour switch to convince yourself to waste ammo shooting at ‘nothing’, in the hopes you might hit something.

When they leap, they almost always leap forward and behind you. So just 180, and wait for them to land.

There’s a large skill gap in this game, you just need patience. (in this particular case)

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Personal favorite is the crouch walkers that think they’re stealthy. They just stand around while you line up headshots.

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Sounds like someone has a serious case of “Get Good” flu

Ive seen that too… like bro move or die…

the hell? if i use my cannon while im invizible what is broken in that? dude…go and watch some movies…wTF