Actions Auto happening

As the predator (ps4) I’ve auto eaten a pig right after killing it several times when I did not press the button to initiate it. I have auto claimed downed FT members when I didn’t press the button as well. The leap button doesn’t register an input constantly even though i have tons of stamina, the leap arc graphic won’t appear, i have top keep pressing the button over and over to get to appear. In my last game I went into second wind and jumped away and was not taking any damage or being followed, I jumped away and was running on the ground, almost full timer on second wind “give up”. I pressed the leap button and the predator kneeled and activated self destruct. I’m about officially done playing this game. I’ve played it since day one (along with Friday the 13th) and I just can’t put up with these bugs and glitches. I’m tired of Illfonic making it’s player base be long term beta testers. Either they don’t have the experience and skill to pull off complete games or they don’t get enough budget/lead time or both.