Actual update/patch, please.

Imagine still giving this joke of a company money for their DLCs of the same predator with slightly different health and stamina ratings.

I really wish they would do somethin but that lil slither of hope is slithering away slowly. I’m about 90% pecimisstic and 10% hopelessly hopeful which is only hanging on cus predator is my shit.

One thing that I’m not waiting for anymore but still want is the gauntlet mode assuming its a larger hunt mode. Part of me wants to believe its still coming cus of how ppl still load in as echo, foxtrot, etc. Sometimes i feel like the abused girl who keeps going back to the guy who beats the shit outta her -_- but this is the newest predator game and its jungle themed so when i get frustrated i jus rememer how before this game came out i was always wanting a jungle based predator game and it helps sometimes.

Now excuse me why i blow my brains out trying to figure out why they don’t do and add more to what is a solid foundation.

It’s not worth it.

Anyway, I wouldn’t expect a gauntlet mode. What we have now is likely all we’ll get.

Did you have time to do your tests on the 3 new Preda?

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Yeah. They’re published.

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Nice !
Thanks for your work !

Chopper only 1100 HP ???
Why ?
This explain that…

I guess, high speed, stamina capacity, and gear were meant to offset the low health.

Never mind… 1100 is clearly not enough…
The other values ​​are barely above those of Celtic and Scar.
So that makes him the worst of the 3.

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Yeah. Scar Tracker would be my favorite. Celtic is very Tanky with impenetrable.

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I play Scar Fervent for now and celtic Analytic

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this.already happens. unless im wrong because i don’t know about players netted to walls or the floor.
but your OP post got my like. consider that rare.

I’m responding for any new players that might read this.

No. This does not happen. Although, the Fireteam can escape quickly, if they mash the escape button quickly enough, the predator can reliably net and melee with wrist blades 3 - 4 times before the Fireteam player can escape.

While I’m posting, I’ll also mention that my complete recommendation is to make the net more durable by requiring a hold button escape equal to the bear traps. However, both the Fireteam and Predator will break the net with melee attacks. This would make the netgun a disabling weapon rather than a free win in 1v1 situations. Also, I think the netgun should get 10 ammo and be placed in the gear category with 4 points cost.

no it is a mechanic. Even the dailys feature this : Break 5 FT out of nets. You take the knife out and slash them, that cuts the net and they break free that way. You didn’t know this? or are you explaining what you’re asking for wrong to me.

Yeah. There’s some grey area in the context of my suggestion. So to clarify:

Meleeing netted fireteam players, as the predator, should immediately break the net.

OK, i get it. But i’m also on the rails about it.
Its such a thing that if you were to strike him as a pred, chances are you’re not doing it to accidentally free him. You’re arguing reallife vs game life, neither makes sense just whatever feels good. Take it up with a dev. Its a sort of thing that needs massaging to get right, much like EVERYTHING in this game.

I mean, ALL things in this game is customizable but not exposed to the player.
Everything from Individual class cloak timings, to sounds that execute, to invisibility distance. I mean the customization is potentially capable of exceding everyones expectations .

I just think their engine is being prepped for other things for other people or just sitting and waiting on the idea for a sequel.