Actual update/patch, please.

Can we get QoL updates. Fix the numerous mandibles that are lazily folded into the face, rather than curved into natural positions. Fix the movement quirks like leaping straight up after throwing gear or being too close to small objects. Fixing the proportions of some masks that are too big, like Tank, Emissary, Wolf, Bone, etc. Rebalance Predator health (personally I would multiply Health by 1.5 and divide stamina capacity by 1.5 for all predators as a starting point). Rework the parry mechanic by removing the stun lock and/or making it a block that just reduced melee damage taken at the cost of stamina for the FT. Nerf the damage of the Sawz50, 1011-12, and Grimtech19 by 20% (Add 3 rounds burst fire for Grimtech19). Cap supply crates to 1 per camp, and reduce the number of guaranteed medic kit spawns. Increase Field Medic revive time to 2 seconds and reduce base revive time to 4 seconds. Reduce support’s passive team damage resistance to 10%. Set a 3 second time limit on Fanatic proc. Remove the 4 shortest missions from the game on all maps, example Drug Bust mission and its map variants.

Remove requirement to look down to remove bear traps. Make removing nets take longer, but also a hold interaction like traps. Attacking netted fireteams players should immediately break the net.

Make long claims and stealth kills more rewarding by granting temporary buffs, like reduced second wind cooldowns for long claims and reduced target isolation cooldowns for stealth kills, for example.

That’s just a start, if y’all are serious about making this game more balanced and appealing to a wider audience.


Dude. I have mad respect for you but… Come on 😐


Totally agreed with you !
Come on Illfo !!!

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I know, I know, but I just needed to get it off my chest.

I support every single word.
And fix too contrasting and bright night heat vision, in which muded ft are clearly visible.

You could easily go play AVP but youd rather master bate time on this game.

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I read somewhere that Illfonic will put a team back on the game in early 2023 for more in-depth updates.
I hope it’s true.



On this forum




Seems reliable

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Dude just move on. It’s not gonna get any better.

I have. Just needed to get that off my chest since they continue to drop half assed DLC.

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By the time I’m level 150 or 200, I prey on content that expands into city maps, Alien AI and new weapons. (Wishful thinking)

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The only one preying on anyone is ilfonic on those who buy what they throw out.


When he said this game is taking a backseat for ghostbusters what he really meant was don’t @ me

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I hope that’s true as well. This game could be really good if they listen to the community, but even that’s asking for someone to dig their eyes out with a spoon lol.

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Lmao like hell XD

I hope you have more braincells than that, but at this point, who am I kidding?

This guy. He gets it.

And this guy.

Yeah, do this.

This guy too.