Add more pre-existing camo options for Fireteam accessories

Might be a dumb suggestion, but basically what the title says.

They need to add the pre-existing camo options the Fireteam outfits got for the headgear accessories. If not for most, just some.

Why? Cause, Predator: Fashion Grounds.

If you look close, sometimes the color palettes of most of the Fireteam headgears don’t really match up with the outfit/camo your character wears unless you’re wearing the same specific camo/color palette option for it, it bugs me just a little.

I also feel Fireteam gets zero love when it comes to new accessories or outfits either…

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Considering that the fireteam is the other essential half of this game’s gameplay that makes matches possible, it’d definitely would be kick ass to get some more shaders for the accessories as well as a version of trophies for them too. Some battle scars for outfits/faces and possibly more hair and face options as well.

Show the prey some love IllFonic!!!

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No, they should fix the game before doing such things.

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Yes, more shaders will save this game and we all know cosmetics are the most important thing in any video game.