Add Rank System

Dear Company , u should add rank system for your game cuz there’s A lot of potatoes in my team most the times , If I die… they will die… . they can’t support good players cuz their Eyes just see the mission . and they Don’t Know How they Can Get Back The Team and they don’t know how they can mud up . also the potato predators too! . I shoot them with my sniper and when they going Into secend wind , they boomm himself lmao! . Or they think the other players are a jack ass and they healing behind the tree . so please if u add rank system , we have a pro fireteams in our team and also we can fight with pro predators!


yes but not one that divides the already small playerbase.

like a buff/debuff system based on ranking points.

Search for my LOOOOOOOOONG post about it in the forum if you want to read more.

Bit like in racing where u have BallanceOfPerformance (BOP) and ballast for faster cars and gold/platinum ranked drivers

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I would love to have one, but how long would wait times be?

like i say in my long post about it, it would be exactly the same as it doesnt divide the players into ranks that you cant enter. just ranks you from 0 to 1000 as a fireteam and a predator and then gives buffs and nerfs based on the total score of the fireteam compared to the predator.

EG a FT with a score of 4000 (max) would get a large damage reduction against a predator of rank 0, who would get a large health and damage buff. just an example

A premade team would incur additional points for being a pre-made team of well coordinated players.

Splitting the player base even further wont help. The game needs a large player-base for a rank system and this game just doesn’t have the players


I would prefer an tracker and title system over this. Something that marks your pred kills, claims, Exfils, times as LMS, solo exfils, pred kills, ft kills in clash,etc. And the get titles based on your stats. Your still able to show your ability, skill and status with no division cuz there would be multiple titles to go after and get. And to make it more challenging to obtain and set towards online play, the titles and tracking only applies to public matches. But overall I feel that we should have a tracking system in general.

Title examples:

Lone Survivor (title)- LMS 20 times or solo exfils 10 times.

Bad Blood- Kill 25 enemy preds as the predator in clash

Blaine’s Avenger- Deal 25,000 damage to predator using the minigun

Bomb Squad- Diffuse pred bomb 50 times

Val Verde Survivor- escape pred explosion 75 times

Predator Titles
There can be titles based on what weapons you use to kill ft, how many ft you kill, how many PMC you’ve claimed, how many ft u claimed, successful bomb explosions, number of stealth kills, kills while cloaked, etc. You guys can come up with the title names that correspond with each Stat.

And what are some Titles that you guys would want to see and what stats tracked?

This game will never have ranked.

The devs want people to play this game the exact same way they do.

Any and all suggestions are basically going against their vision of this game.

Unless it’s a lightning in a bottle, better money making idea then they have lined up.

Did you read what i put and my other post lol, iv said it many times how u can have a ranking but not split the player base and everyone can still play competive against everyone else. its just that its too much work to implement so it wont happen. but it would work.

If everyone would like it or not is different but it could dynamically balance out things.

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Yeah I like it, but that’s just like additional trophies. I would prefer a leader board system maybe a browser system so you can find players near your skill and try to contact them or something.

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