Adding more predators from movies and games. Adding two new game mode and a new mission on hunt. New weapons, gear, skins, and helmets. Being given the option to change into first person or third person view.

List of predators from the Predator(s) series and from the AVP series that would be great to add to the game. Two new game modes and a mission for hunt that would be fun to play. New weapons, gear, skins, and helmets. Being able to change into first and third person view in game setting for both predator and fire team for gamers personal preferences.
-The 3 Black Predators and the imprisoned predator from the Predators movie. Also allowing a possible new gameplay if you continue reading after the list of characters and a new spy drone as a gear item. The spy drone is automatically locked on that one predator that had it similar to city hunter.
-The 3 predators from the AVP movie. Also allowing some to have the alien mark mask as a unique mask for players. The one predator didnt mark himself till later after the movie. So have him as his original self then the mask with the mark as a unique item and his skin with a mark as a unique custom skin. But these three also allow the possibility of a new skin for the smart disc and a new gear when that one predator shot his 2 blades at the Queen. Similar to the city hunter but with 2 blades and no fire and is automatically equipped to all three of them. But also the possibility of having a net as a gear item as well that will automatically be equipped with all three of them. The singular extended long blade that the one predator was going to kill the main character with till he was stabbed by the tail of the xenomorph as a weapon option. A new skin for the combistick.
-The Predator Elder from the AVP movie. Another unique character that has a mark and a unique mask with a mark and another unique skin for the combistick. But most of all he’s the only predator with a cape for those who want to go batman mode on the survivors.
-The Wolf Predator from AVP Requiem movie. A unique predator because he has a missing mandible and has unique looking mask. But also allowing a possible on new weapons and gear. This predator had a lot of weapons and gear he took along with him. A whip which can be a new weapon, 2 throwing disc’s and since we already have a smart disc as a weapon choice do a throwing disc as a gear choice but difference is that you just cant control the throwing disc, 2 plasma cannons and since we already have one as a weapon have secondary for a gear choice but firing both take up a lot of energy, a plasma pistol which can be a possible new weapon which can but similar to the Hand Held Plasma Caster but instead of ammo it has a recharge timer, laser mines which can be used as a gear item or weapon, a acid like substance which can be used for a gear item or weapon and it can be used for when a fireteam member is down the predator can pour this on them and make them bleed out faster. So this character has a larger variety of gear and weapons. This character is locked with the plasma cannon and the 2× throwing disc’s in gear similar to city hunter. I believe his combistick might be different in appearance but not for sure but if it is well then it could be a possible skin for the combistick.
-The original 80’s jungle predator and not just the helmet.
-The Predator you play as in the AVP 2010 game. This predator has explosive mines that could be a gear choice and throws combisticks, but being able to carry up to 5, that could be a gear choice and unlike the melee combistick you cant melee attack with it but you can still recollect them. Those two gear items would be automatically equipped to this predator. This predator also always another healing option for players with healing shards as a gear choice. But unlike the other healing this one is just a quick heal of 25% of the Predator’s overall health and you are only able to carry 2. Along with this predator is the possibility of new helmet customization options such as: The Spartan Helmet, The Stalker Helmet, The Claw Helmet, The Alien Head Helmet, and The Lord Helmet. With the lord helmet a new unique mission can be added to hun with his sarcophagus. Lastly he wielded 2 wrist blades instead of 1. So being able to duel weild as a weapon choice could be a possibility.
-The Predator from The Predator 2018. Not the super predator but the original one. Allowing a possible new game mode with the super predator.
-Two New Game Modes!!! The first game mode is from the Predators movie. In this game mode there are 4 survivors and 1 friendly predator vs 3 predators on a different planet. The AI’s of this game mode are the hounds that are friendly to the 3 predators but attacks anything else and the other AI’s are those creatures, I dont know what they are called, that were on the planet with them and they will attack everyone. The mission of this game mode is simple. The survivors must search all over the map and find the predator camp and free the imprisoned predator that will be an AI. Which will go into a cutscene for everyone to watch of the survivor that freed the predator first and the predator would gear up and shows the survivor that freed him where the ship is. The friendly AI predator will then stays close to and protects the one that freed him. Then the fire teams next objective is simple. Get to the ship and escape. The friendly predator’s only mission is to protect the survivors and kill the 3 opposing predators. The 3 predators mission is simple. Kill everyone. All predators are able to perform self destruct.
The second game mode is base off the predator 2018 movie. There are 4 survivors and 1 friendly predator vs The Super Predator that comes in it’s own build. The AI’s are soldiers that work for the government that’ll shoot at everyone and the Predator Dogs that will be friendly to the super predator but attacks everyone else. The survivors must perform a bunch of missions, similar to hunt, that will lead them to the predator killer suite that was shown at the end of the movie. There will be a cutscene of the survivor that unlocks it first equipping it. Then the missions changes to hunting down and killing the Super Predator before he escapes. The friendly Predator’s mission is simple. Protect the survivors and kill the super predator. The Super predator missions are: kill the survivors and friendly predator before they reach to the predator killer suite and if they do reach the suite then the predator must perform a bunch of missions, similar to hunt but reversed roles, and get to his ship and escape. Predator’s are able to perform self destruct.
-Lastly the final topic of being allowed to change into first and third person view in game settings for gamers personal preference. Being able to play the predator in first person view would be fun and the AVP 2010 game kinda gave me the idea. But being given option to change you view to either first or third person view for both predator and survivor for those who like to play their games in first or third person view.
But these are just my personal thoughts and ideas that I would so love to see be added to the game. What you all think?


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Definitely not for FT. That’d be an unessacary buff since 3rd person allows you to peak around corners.

Besides having the two have seperate camera angles helps define each one in a unique way.


I’d be fine if they added battle damaged armor and the battle damaged hemet but the crucified Pred is literally JH so it’s be a JH knock off.

That’s a really small detail to have a whole seperate skin for not to mention we already have the JH helmet and elder helmet so no need to have two duplicate masks.

Just have him marked

Scar just an fyi

I’d say just have it as an alternative skin for the net gun.


That’s just an extended wrist blade and they all had it except maybe Celtic (the brute who died to grid, grid being named after the gridlike scar the net gun gave him while fighting Celtic)

So IDK how’d you implement it outside of it being a special passive

Ya he’s in the game

As a pre-order exclusive

Kill. It. Know.

River ghost

Everyone hated that movie.

Aside from the fugitive Predator, stargazer, and maybe the hounds, and even then Predators’s (no not a spelling mistake, I’m being picky on purpose) hounds would be better, take nothing from that movie.

Are you trying to start a fight


So first things first I may seem gruff but that’s just me being dramatic because maybe somebody will enjoy it.

Second of all there’s a lot of things that are fine but I feel like could be implemented better, mainly with the gear and another example is the sheer amount of locked equipment suggestions. I think a maximum of one to each class is fine. No need to lock two gear to a class with the exception of one class here or there.



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OP just before writing…


Everything about this is UGH lol cant even get names of predators rite and they want all this and that. Psh

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Thanks for reading it for me lol

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You can just use any of the ranged weapons including the wrist launcher to get the same effect but safer, if you’re already that close to a downed FT you may as well just quick claim.

You cannot do this in any mode involving more than one pred as this consistently kill everyone. Pretty sure the game couldn’t handle more than one of the nuke the effects without crashing.

The thing is why would anyone want Scars mask without the mark it’s the most unique thing about it other than that it’s just jungle hunters mask which would be the fourth JH if they include the crucified pred.

Anything you said involving The Predator is just a big nope especially that pred killer suit.


Oh god no


Anyways here’s a funny video I found on discord enjoy

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