Adrien Brody and Topher Grace

Predators wasn’t a bad movie. While I think it was a little over the top at times as far as feel, the only two big glaring mistakes were casting issues. Adrien Brody feels so out of place and Topher Grace really didn’t need to exist at all. Like completely eliminate his character and cast Royce as like Vin Diesel doing playing more from Pitch Black Riddick (or along that lines and character feel, to hell with any thing I’m here to survive) and I think the movie is 100 times better.

I loved him as Royce.

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I thought they were both great. Enjoyed the movie very much

I belive the main problem with all Predators movies post Predator 2, is that they all tries to emulate the first movie, and by doing so they lost their own sense of individuality.
I belive Predators tried to hard to emulate the first movie when the premise of the movie itself was really really good.

If you asked me what I would had changed in the movie, it would be these:

-Completly different soundtrack that doesn’t try to the emulate the first movie. I would have soundtracks like these

-Topher Grace’s character would reveal himself as a killer in middle of the movie, but he would try to escape by using the ship and dying in the explosion(he would leave Royce and Isabelle behind)

-More exposition of Roland’s character and a better death scene. Have him actually use Predator tech to try to fight Tracker, only to show that the Supers has already adapted to counter that tech

-Use camera work and stunts to present Berserker as being massive when compared to the others Yautjas. Berserker is supposed to be big, but it doesnt feel like it, Crucified was below 7ft and the others looks almost near his size

-Keep the final showdown between Royce and Berserker. That flame wall was genious and a good call back, except it’s also original by its own means

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See Topher’s character is just a gaff. I mean early on Royce even calls it out “all heavy hitters, except him, he doesn’t belong”. So we know in movie that Royce is onto him, then it’s just abandoned until the end. It just doesn’t fit, and he adds almost nothing to the movie except being bait at the end.

Yes, should have done more with and around Laurence Fishbourne. Great actor, great role, more would not have hurt.

Can’t disagree with your other points except the sound track. That callback nostalgia was good for the sense of saying this is bringing us back to a real Predator movie.

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Only issue I have with that movie is copying whole lines of dialog from first movie, and even copying some scenes. So its a soft remake of Predator. Also - why the hell do we need bigger and badder predators? Old ones are not good enough? Apart from that it was ok

The blu ray dvd has a behind the scenes documentary. I think the director says in it, they purposely didn’t hire a muscular lead character as they didn’t want him being compared to Arnold’s character Dutch. He felt like the audience would constantly be saying, well that’s not the way arnold would or did it.

I think vin diesel would fall into that muscular category.

I liked predators. Its not amazing but it’s good. Larry Fishburne was a bit weird but the rest were fine. Just not as memorable as the original pred a squad.

I’d like to see something like the original. Not a copy but something inspired by it and have the rock play the Dutch type character.