After every match it resets my whole loadout !!!!

No matter what fireteam class i choose, whichever i played as last match on hunt my whole loadout gets reset and i have to change it all all over again, this is an absolute joke, illfonic how do you keep monumentally cocking things up each patch.

That’s illfonic for you

If you’re on PS4 try these steps down below provided be @TheSenate, it should fix the problem however it’ll result in all 24 classes being reset to default so you’ll have to readjust them.

After reading this it intrigued me to have a look at my save files on pc, and it seems somewhere along the line due to epic’s epic idiocy in their updates they had created another save file location so there were 2 of them, uninstalled all my games from there and epic games launcher, reinstalled epic and predator hunting grounds and ill let ya know if that fixed it, sheeesh games companys are getting more and more foolish with every update they do.

Found my save data after alot of f’ing about in here %localappdata%\Spacefish, deleted that folder and all my loadouts were gone, made a few and did a match, it deleted my loadout and reverted it back to defaults, end conclusion, illfonic need to fix this it’s 100% to do with them. Seriously what kind of retarded shooter game deletes your loadouts after every match, that is just epic on a whole new level, what next, no bullets !!!.

Maybe, I mean we used to not be able to parried without crashing the game so anything is possible I guess.

I know how to do this. Non of my loadouts are bugged

Dude for the predator that bug was soooo bad lol, i actually stopped using melee on the pred because of that but watched it happen to them again and again, felt so bad for them.

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I foolishly kept trying and it actually worked for a while until somebody parried me while I was behind them, from that point I just stopped melee altogether until they patched it.