After patch thoughts

The mini gun needs a 1000/1000 ammo if we really want to use it as a suppressant. It runs out far too quick when you compare it to the predator film plus I wish it would keep spinning like in the movie when it’s rub out of billets and make the same sound till you’ve taken your finger off the trigger

Predator weight feels abit better. But they need to work on when your running as the predator little branches etc can stop you in your tracks and your having to jump this shouldn’t be the case needs to be more fluid and less getting stuck on stuff create a better animation movement to grab or glide over it etc

Can we please skin a fireteam once he’s died once already is really like to grab a fireteam after he has respawned and drag him up a tree and skin him and dangle him from a tree

Getting spotted far too easy imo the predator should be hard to spot

Clicking noise should be optional. I don’t want the fireteam knowing I am near

The speed of the game needs to be slower and the missions needs to be longer or made harder or introduce puddles and twio player interaction missions something to mix it up or keep the game from rushing along

Can we blow the chopper up so they can’t always escape or if the predator blows up and chopper is in the radius it also blows up ?

Fireteam need to shake more when the predator is running past and the skikda need to be heavier and branches and leafs need to crack etc

We need. A grabbing mechanic so I can grab the weak one and take them up a tree and skin them

Movement does feel better but I’m hoping once we get the next gen treatment we will get the same visuals etc as the pc and hopefully a 120fps option