Again the infinite wait time matchmaking. Really?

After the new patch I decided to try the game again.

That was a good day. Games every 5~7 minutes (FT) and 10~15 minutes (Pred). I know, these times are are unacceptables for a game, but in PHG, its ok. I took something like 8 or 10 rounds.

On next day, all the huge wait time was back. 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour… there are no limits for the matchmaking. Sometimes a incomplete lobby appears, and you can only wait and watch the players getting out.

Really… This is game is beautifull, nostalgic, but it does not worth my time anymore. Uninstalling one more time.

5 min queue on FT ?? ur lying Lol it takes only 20 seconds


Man that’s crazy I get FT games in under 30 seconds. Right now predator is around 4 minutes


I reinstalled the game just for that print screen.

Estimated time: 00:22.
Real time wait: 24 minutes.

In fact, the time could go so far, but I just cancelled it and quit the game.

Im returning to Dead by Daylight and his 5 second wait time.

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That’s weird bro over here in the states we are getting matches like nothing.

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I’m in the USA and earlier today I was experiencing over 3 minutes match making as FT.

Well it could also be the glitches happening to a bunch of ps4 predators so maybe that’s just whats happening people cant play so they arent even trying anymore i know i gave up a few days ago. Kept getting mid round freeze

Yea man it got to the point where I got frustrated and told my friends I was just gonna take a nap and left…😴

Turn crossplay off on PS4 for even better waiting times, it does actually work.