AI needs Adjusting

The biggest issue with the AI is that the modes they have is kinda bad. They usually are in either combat or non alerted state. The search mode they have is there but only really works when pred cloaks and jukes them. Really they are not very intelligent. They either dont see you, or they do in most scenarios. Not to mention they will fire through foliage and spawn terribly as you said.

The part that sucks is that there is all the features needed to make far cry like stealth in game right now. Its just that the AI is so stupid it actually makes all of those features basically useless lol.

I agree with you the AI are basic right now, I’m just hopeful they will improve with time. I’m fairly sure more than one of the job postings they had were about hiring people with experience with bots.

On a separate note I wanted to ask why you went on a deleting spree? I like your posts even if I don’t agree with all your balance suggestions.

Eh people were pissing me off and other shit. Im just bipolar on here now. I’ll restore everything later.

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Ok, good to know.

This is kinda how i feel these days lol.

Communities go through tough times, I’m pretty sure I felt the same way about Friday at one point. Hell, I can’t even bring myself to post on The Blackout Clubs discord most of the time because that community actually does have most of their heads in the sand (or up each other’s asses.) The devs from that game gave up but just keep stringing them along. (Been waiting for the fourth area of the map to be finished since launch, still only have two character models, no new powers or gear since launch, can’t effect the story even though that’s the point of the game.)

I don’t think illfonic has given up, and I’m still sure that we are being listened too, if rarely does it result in anything. The reason I think a lot of your balance changes aren’t taken is because the game needs to play fast right now. Future modes as things like the AI improve, will be more about the hunt and I’m sure some of your suggestions will make it in then.

I sure hope so. Because its like I asked before. How long do people honestly think they will stick around once they have the skin they are looking for. Once they have the city hunter they are so eager to drop dough on. What does it really matter when the game is in the state its in. And how are you supposed to enjoy playing fast when you cant even fucking switch weapons as pred reliably with how janky it is.

Most people will stick around until another game takes that slot in they’re playtime. The up coming Asymmetrical horror games are all Kickstarter fair, Charle the Legend, Deathgrounds.
The current ones, Dbd, Last Year, Friday, Hunt, RE-Resistance all have they’re dedicated communities and most of PHG’s players migrated from them because either the Predator name or the ability to fight back against the ‘killer’. If Predator stays stale, some will drift back to the others or to other titles/genres.

The thing is I don’t think PHG will stay stale, I think getting a new mode out the door and establishing a schedule for new map release every 4 months will keep players engaged. Yes the other games will occasionally steal some of PHG’s players but we’ll steal some of theirs.

These things take time, it why I spend energy trying to figure out things like release schedules. You can’t make the devs work on things that you can see are needed, you can only suggest things so months down the road they might tweak it or improve it. Often the things we suggest have been tried, balance or time prevent them from being the solution we think we can see from the outside, occasionally it’s cause they just don’t see our posts or see the utility of the suggestion at the time.

Lastly, the community is always going to have moods, it’s true of all communities. The only suggestion I have for that is to manage your own expectations. The community is going to be a different mood at by the end of August, ideally we’ll have a new map and mode to obsess over by then. I’m 80% confident they are expecting to run a four month release schedule, originally I had hoped it was only going to be the first bit that was set to four months and they’d start finding ways to make it bimonthly, but seeing as we’re still working our way through the first one (ie four months) I realize I was setting an unrealistic expectation for myself. Dbd struggles with their 3 month release schedule, with over hyping every chapter. (Fuck Pyramid Head and his shitty marketing fake out. Horror icon my ass.)


@Courier You guys needs to adjust how many ai swarm as well when alarms trigger. because they never go after the Pred and it’s Dumb how many spawn once triggered. Tone it back, also if they Predator decloaks when fighting the FT, The ai is supposed to focus on the Predator which they Dont’t. @IllFonic please fix this

The Alarm Spawns are a set predictable amount and types though. If you know what’s coming and when you can plan tactics. The AI shoots at everything, lol. Pred is just more mobile so FT is easier to hit, giving the illusion that only they are being shot at.

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I try actually sometimes to let AI live for sometime long enough for them to maybe find the Predator in their sights. As they do sometimes aim high…which is rarely but they do and make for a great way to use them as decoys.

–them shooting through the bush is annoying as fuck!

what do you have to worry about from ai… the ive seen them do more dmg to the pred than the actual FT

@OldKingHamlet Seriously please you guys need to adjust the Ai, the auto detect players is super BS, they should have line of sight not this Already know where you are without looking.

We need to destroy any pop-ins from NPCs or FT alike(during reinforcements). That stuff is amateur.

I’ve been followed from Stargazer on Derailed to Drug Road by an AI, I thought I’d lost him at one point then as I’m creeping up on Drug Road to try and reinforce I start getting shot at from behind, my location is compromised and suddenly extra AI are now honing in on my position…

And what’s with the AI suddenly standing down mid-combat when mission parameters change? They’ll be shooting at you during an objective, that objective will get completed and they stop shooting and go into “at ease” mode🤣

A Predator used the AI to find me once when I was hiding while waiting for the reinforcement timer to end. I knew the radio was at Stargazer camp so headed that way, mudded up on the outskirts and could hear the Predator close by going in and out of thermal vision trying to find me. He then went and triggered the alarm, a handful of new AI spawn right next to me and begin shooting at me giving my location away and that was game over for us.

@OldKingHamlet @Courier you need to get your team to reduce the damage and auto detect on ai, total bs since all the preds do is trip the alarms and make it more annoying for ft, and the ai never seems to go after the predator.

Quit necroing

@OldKingHamlet @IllFonic Fix this shit asap. It’s fucking retarded as hell that the ai automatically detects you from a BS amount. The AI should not be able to automatically see you if your not in their Line of sight, also fix the BS auto spawning behind you. It’s Utter Garbage.