AI needs to be more challenging

They are like sitting ducks right now and seem like just a fill for the game. Make them more challenging so that they can be more considerable for the fireteam adding more tense in the game .
If fireteam have to deal with tough ai opponents and the predator the same time will add suspense and more tactical approach. On the same way if a predator have to deal with the fireteam and tough ai opponents will make him act with more tactic


This Is a really good idea since the FireTeam is able to complete their missions with ease giving pred no good chance to engage In combat.

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I blame this dude and whoever listened at illfonic to this “suggestion” for AI’s insane numbers and damage.


I mean it wouldn’t be as bad if they spawned at another camp or around 150+ meters away from the FT and came towards you from there in squads. Wouldn’t look as weird, and it would incentivize sniper and stealth play against the ai.

If they did this, they wouldn’t have to change the ai numbers and damage, as the only time I found it annoying is when they spawn right behind you and get off some damage before you can react. Eliminating that component would leave them in a pretty balanced state IMO.

AI would still be a threat that has to be dealt with, but there would be more options for counterplay while still allowing them to give the predator an opportunity to attack while the FT is distracted.

Dude. AI is still laughably easy. They’re way too suicidal. They don’t use cover enough, they don’t flee when damaged, they don’t flank, and they’re not accurate at all.

That would involve ALOT of reworking and coding for the AI at that point the current AI does alot of Damage to either team personally from my perspective.