AI Predator for private matches

Hi folks … my playing group all just jumped onboard Hunting Grounds. Absolutely great fun. Love the atmosphere and ease of game play. We are having a great time in Private Matches taking on each other as the Predator.

I would like to suggest an AI Predator be added for Private Matches at least. If there are NPC’s for the Fireteam to fight, there is zero reason not to give us an NPC Predator.



Have you seen the a.i.?
It wouldnt work or serve a purpose.


Anyone who believes Illfonic is capable of giving us an AI pred that would last longer than 4 seconds is just plain foolish. These ideas will not help this game.



It would serve the same purpose as the current NPC’s. I am unsure what you are driving at. There are literally thousands of games with AI enemies. Why would this be any different. It is just a request.

Because since the a.i. sucks, you wouldn’t get any better.
Also you would just see stupidity.
It wouldn’t be fun.

So no help with training, no fun at all, it would be pointless.

They need to focus on other things.
We have a lot of problems and issues.
Once those get fixed then sure, maybe an a.i. mode.

Tho a pve mode would be better.

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While I understand your request the A.I. in this game cannot provide an opponent that would not act strangely.
The road map would be to improve the A.I. for the current NPCs before even starting on adding what you suggest.

You are not the first to suggest additions to the game that would exclude the need of a human player behind the wheel of the other faction.
Keep in mind that PHG is marketed as an asymmetrical multiplayer game so making the kind of content that focus on excluding the opponent is probably not on the top of their to-do-list.

Sure it will be added at some point, that or some other type of AI to hunt if Preds prove to difficult to path find for.