AI Predator

Can you see my tears from over there?


I do , am I popular on here or something? Everybody wants to add today 😄 both profiles created at the same time two hours ago , are illfonic trying to ban me 🤔😁


Have you experienced the AI in this game lol?


Maybe , I only add people i have known to talk with for a while sorry

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Teaching FT the basics in a tutorial. Beyond that though…meh…


I can get relaxing. But if a margen of people really want just an overall bot mode. Start a group/discord or something dedicated to showing how awesome it be for your demagraphic of people to have bots.

@Carnage_Recipe I thought illfonic said no to bots already. But if you want them to consider it on the end game. Show them the good it’ll do. Their less likely to try let alone put in the effort if its always backed by complaining. Not saying everyone is, but a mass of people have to push that kinda thing positively.
Make memes of it, videos about it, yah know

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And we could play at somepoint


It’s a cool idea but I feel like an AI pred would detract the whole idea. It’s really hard to make an AI feel like it is actually thinking. And the whole point of the Pred is that it’s hunting you. If you slap on an AI that’s just doing random shit or seems to be single-minded to a fault it becomes a 2d paper doll. You don’t get the feel of a mind behind that power trying to predict your movements and plan ahead. Really good AI like that are possible, but if the current AI is anything to go by then not by Illfonic. They’s have to rework their whole AI system in order to implement something that could do justice.

Maybe for a tutorial level sure, but not in the main game.


You should be able to take one glance at the AI we have now and realize why there won’t be an AI pred.

Why would putting more AI on the roadmap for everyone to laugh at and just add them to a list of bugs be a priority at all? Good AI programming is one of the most time consuming features they could add and just sets everything else back. It’ll just be an aimbot that gets stuck on all the map geometry unless its a completely scripted sequence which is also a waste of effort.

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NGL i would actually love if they added like co-op vs ai mode where u can que to fight like not real players as predator and same goes for fireteam wise so i can just chill and stalk… or be like immersed while being stalked.

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Here is just an idea using Unreal Engine 4’s AI Controller, Blackboard and Behavior Tree.

AI Predator example: Playing Fireteam in Private Match, once you complete the main objectives, an event is triggered which activates the Predator.
The Predator spawns near the player, up on a tree and in a few possible random target points near the player.
The Predator attacks the player with range weapons from above. The player fights back and once the Predator’s HP is drained below a certain level it moves either to a different tree or drops down and continues attacking from a distance.
When more damage is done to the Predator, again when its HP drops further down the next threshold, the predator starts rushing the player with melee weapons, essentially he goes for broke - and then you either kill him or he kills the player.

All kinds of small variations, either random or not can take place in this scenario. But a rigid, stiff AI Predator sequence would still be a lot of fun for me to play through.

I just want an AI Predator LOL!


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