Alien Covanent . the one question

Who the fuck broadcasted Country Home? and why?

If it were Shaw… why? If it were deliberate from David, why? I mean I guess i would know, but i’m sure he’d be well aware of it!

Hey come here, we’re killing each other …

here what I last listened to on the itunes…

come here with bad intentions please! Otherwise, i’m here being fucked up on a ship that’s carrying death. Um but here i am Country Fuckedup HOme by that dude with biggass glasses! think peaceful thoughts because we fuck you up with alien shrooms!!!

IDK why but the “but accept it” meme sounds so wholesome in my head

Didn’t he do it so that people would possibly try and find its source? He needed people to breed his next batch of Xenomorphs? Thats what I always thought anyway.

The song is Country Roads by John Denver

really i didn’t know! Are you kidding?

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I didn’t like it because movies always portray mankind’s creators as jerks

  • Halo and…

I’m to lazy to recount the rest but you get my point