Alien Crossover?

So if theres an easter egg from a different franchise in a movie or game does that mean its lore?
And im 100% sure that they wont xenomorphs

In this case it became tied to the lore man.

Welll the aliens didnt even exist in that time if you watched covenant or prometheus

In the case of Alien and Predator, actually yes. The entire reason AvP was a thing was because there was a Xenomorph Skull as a easter egg in Predator 2, and then some exec’s thought “Hey, we own these two things right? Why not…”

And the rest is history.

That’s Ridley Scott’s work. If you ignore those flims which recton the work before it, it still fits.

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What Xeno said.

Well we could just ignore the 2 avp movies and stop this conversation

No because Aliens made their way into comic books and the events of AVP are referred to in the last movie.

Well, they wont add aliens. Maybe just a little easter egg like a trophy but nothing else.
Again this isnt a alien vs predator game. If illfonic wants aliens in the game they need to totally redesign the game and its already too late for that

We’ll have to disagree, I’m sure they’re coming.

There’s literally another thread about them right now, evidence of their blood has been found. Why program it if they aren’t planning to use it?

Alien blood isnt black, its bright green. It could just be mud or the predator had diarrhea

Looks like acid marks to me.

You don’t want them, that’s fine man. I do want them, that’s also fine.

Nice chat

Acid for blood…should’t glow. I still take it could be acid…but there is no smoke. or melting…that could come later. This could just be a test of varietty of blood so you know we might get something interseting later.

It actually could just be acid

4 aliens vs 1 pred, even if i start imagine it as a mode … Its so fucking OP
Nerf Aliens Buff Pred!

From the reddit page someone claims to have looked into it and it’s an issue with texture FX showing this silver and greenish blood. Now I don’t know why it sticks around when the blood should eventually fade away but that could also just be a result of the issue.

According to what they could find it’s some alternate color pallets and placeholders.

I think this really does get our hopes up over nothing since it didn’t seem to work on anything but metal terrain and only happened to special enemies. It really does get ones hope up for a crossover but it seems it’s more of just a technical error for the time being.

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Some people are gonna be really salty when they add xenos.

no slimy aliens allowed

An Easter egg idea I had a wile back

Xenos have never been a true gaming experience unless it were Alien iSolation, everything else was just cartoon donkey dookie to satisfy FPS enthusiest!

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