Alien Engineer’s create life

But mankind created artificial life and kills the creators of life lol poetic

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Blessed rushed storyline enjoyer

When it just cuts to “And then all the engineers were genocided in a flashback” I nearly died from the whiplash.

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It’s from the alien series I think or it’s prequels?

Lol 😂 it’s what they deserved, freaking we’re going to do that to us lol 😂

Ya I know what it is

Good 👍🏼 😊

Those were not Engineers. That was just another humanoid race they created.

But why did he kill them then I forgot

To see what would happen.

Oh! Interesting

He can take life and create life. To do that, is to be a God.
Everything is symbolism and religious references in the prequels.

Ooooooh lol name title I gotcha lol