Alien Isolation, But Predator

Alright, same scenario to Isolation, but you are basically in the setting of the Predator movie, first act of the game is doing the mission you were sent on, second act is your team slowly getting wiped out, even after you set a trap or two to fight the predator, end the second act with you running through the Jungle trying to evade the Predator, 3rd act is you eventually finding out it can’t see you if you’re mudded, and you carefully have to go around the jungle looking for objects to make tools in order to fight the predator, but you have to keep mudding up, and hiding in bushes, or under crevices so he can’t see you(because he’ll still be looking for you), then find an area to set up camp, make your weapons(also weapons depend on how many objects you can find, so they will not be marked) and then you mud yourself and call him, and wait, and strike from the shadows and whittle down his health, until he catches you when he is around half health, then that’s when he takes his Plasma caster and mask off, and does an honorable fight with you, and make the boss fight as hard a boss fight from Dark Souls(for newbies to it at least) , and once you beat him, his clan arrives, gives you a weapon as a trophy, takes his body and leaves, game ends with you being interviewed by none other than Sean Keyes, and he tells you that they have had run-ins with plenty of Predators, and then Dutch walks in, and offers you a position on his team, (this will take place roughly 10 years after PHG, since Dutch has Pred DNA in him now, he is still alive due to the dna causing his aging to rapidly slow)

Would rather play as Jim Hopper. In the end the jungle hunter gets you. But overhead a chopper gets close. The door opens and ropes come out. Quick glimpse of Dutch’s team. End.

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Alien Isolation, but predator, and you are being stalked by the FT

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So I’m hearing is…

Snakes on a Plane

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