Alien RPG?!

Youre telling me there’s an ALIEN style RPG coming out?

With xenos taking over planets and you need to explore them?!?!?!

Take my money whoever is developing this.


Sounds disappointing

But I can see it as a starcraft clone

RPG? Last i heard there was only a fps coming in line with Borderlands.

Its gonna be lame if you cant play as xenomorphs.

You’ll be able to

If you consider pointing and clicking playing that is

Welp, no fun to be had there I see.
What a shame.

My claims are baseless FYI

Just going off what I know of traditional RPGs

Damn you and your fake news!

I mean theres a bunch of good rpgs that arent click n point.
I just hope it doesnt focus on hunting xenos.
Fk that.
I want to be a xenomorph.
Take over a planet lol.

Skyrim is an RPG right?

I love skyrim

Yeah it is.
Me too skyrim is great.

So there is hope for an alien rpg

Maybe you could be a colonial marine?

An android?

And of course a xeno

Figured this was common knowledge. It’s being developed by Cold Iron Studios.

The very bare bones premise information wise is that this is set around the time the U.S.C.M were just recently established. We aren’t exactly loading up our Pulse Rifles and Smart-Guns just yet.

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I didn’t know about it but now that I do I’m excited! I love the franchise! As far as PHG, I’m with you all, they could implement some xeno stuff into the game and please a lot of people!

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I know right?!?!?! :)