Aliens FT: Environment Picture posts on alien Day



It was a nice tweet I hope we get more info today

Wow they even managed to turn an outdoor area into an indoor hallway like the other hallway maps for their world war z ga- Aliens FT.

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Looks exactly like League of Legends…oh …ma…kawd. (now i know how it feels to be sarcasm)

Oh look a Dev team that knows how to keep its community excited and engage with them and give them news on a big day tied to the franchise/game. Treasure it Aliens: Fireteam fans cause you guys are lucky.


Illfonic is jealous!

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This is the most we’ve gotten from Aliens: FT since IGN’s month-long coverage, consisting of 3 videos.

Which is a one up from this game’s silence and delays.

PHG is already out, so what are you on about? The free stuff (not to make you sound like an entitled ass)?

Delay of the stream I mean. Should’ve made that one clear. And the silence until the very last second when an update drops. Just because something is free, doesn’t make it good.


I would hope a shooter map doesnt look like a MOBA map but…

PHG atleast put up an e3 demo and beta prior to launch.

Aliens FT devs are ashamed of showcasing their own product. Releasing in the summer and trailer is alpha footage lol.

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I was mainly talking about more recently. But yeah that is true they were more active and sociable pre launch than aliens fireteam are but definitely not right now with all this silence we’ve been getting the past 12 months.
Makes me wonder what happened since then. Oh well.

in a isometric style low poly shitscapade with a camera where things are …like small as fuck? dude you make me want to quit you.

Time to hype

more communication than we’ve ever gotten from Illfonic.

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They running with the money