Aliens FT please help us Pred fans...

Honestly, with the way the game has been playing lately:

  • more and more empty or rage quitting lobbies
  • more and more infinite connection queues
  • nothing directly being done to better the core experience of this game
  • the sporadic peppering of DLC that is furthering the lore and story away from the core what makes Predator…Predator?
  • the continually downfall of communication regarding anything in this game.
  • lack of community involvement (you gave us tools to make game modes. There are a TON of incredibly smart and dedicated people to this franchise and they have even made game modes more lore accurate than you’re team, yet anything the community has made, wasn’t taken seriously)
  • I could go in guys…

Aliens FT couldn’t come any sooner.

We have been in the dark for way too long and we are desperately in need of a working product that can keep us occupied, without the feeling that we are battling the game mechanics at the same time as battling the other team.

Please Coldiron, don’t keep us waiting for much longer xD

I doubt that this game will be even as good as predator hunting grounds. No way to play the alien and still unclear if we get movie characters. No field lockers which seems there will be less ways to customize your character. I also don’t like the fact it’s just three People. In Predator there Are give players (with predator) and still wish we had a bigger Fireteam plus two predators mode. I think it will be fun but not as fun after playing for some time. But also depends on what’s planned for dlc.


I don’t think anything will be done to improve any core mechanics. They are what they are now. We’ll just get DLC and balance changes. We’ll still get stuck on shit, frame rate will be shit, missions won’t be improved, aiming will still be shit, etc

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Aliens is going to be a disappointment

Just you watch

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I think it will be nice but not more. No comparison to phg which I play since release.

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It’s a lazy carbon copy of World War Z and I hated that game.

And itll be just as short with 0 replayability.

Give PHG crap but atleast they made their own game instead of just reskinning something else.

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Aliens FT? Nahhh. For what i’ve seen, the only thing better than this PHG game is the graphics.
3 FT members only. No playing as Alien…