All I get is backwater

The last twelve matches in a row as predator are all fucking backwater!!! 😡😡

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AND I keep getting half empty lobbies where nobody else joins


We are having another blue screen gate situation.

Seems the playstation updates truly have been affecting this title.

Haven’t been able to land a full lobby all game and every estimated wait time is half of what the true time is…

@OldKingHamlet LITERALLY all I get is backwater with half empty lobbies. I also can’t load friends list to invite people


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The last playststion update also made it so you cant create a Playstation party by yourself? (Side note, not really an issue)

@OldKingHamlet id be lighting a fire under sonys ass for this interference with our game… (referring to players not being able to load into full lobbies)

It’s so F’d

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Come again?

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You have to create ps parties with “groups of people” you have chats open with.

I cannot make a party and start one up and be in it solo. I have to include people in the party weather they are offline or not.

It is very strange and playstation needs to figure their shot out after 8.0 lol (not really an illfonic issue)


I havent been able to access a full lobby of folks to play a Hunt/clash game. People then decide to leave.

Everytime PS has updated their system it interfered with this Title.

ESPECIALLY during the free trial weekend.

I’m smelling a set up here… they are messing with our game! Lol

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Now 17 matches in a row backwater. WHAT IS HAPPENING @OldKingHamlet

I imagine the answer is “Clear saved data…delete and reinstall game, restore licenses” probably for the umpteenth time already🙄

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It’s now 22 in a row on backwater @OldKingHamlet I literally haven’t played another level in two days


Did you delete your app save data and remote licenses?

(I’m being a dipshit and saw the same thing posted above). Don’t actually do it for the billionth time.

Feeling your pain man… :(

Out of the last 30 matches 25 have been backwater. @OldKingHamlet the fuck is going on??

Every match for me tonight has been on Overgrowth. I’m up to 4 in a row now 🙄

Yeah but overgrowth is the tits

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Maybe if IllFonic let us choose and vote for what map to play in the lobby Before it starts🤷🏻‍♂️

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Don’t you dare make a logical suggestion like that. They’ll break loadouts again to punish us for such insolence.


They could take Backwater completely out of the game and i would never miss it.