Alpha Predator Neca

Figured I would show off this just got it


It’s actually a really good figure with multiple accessories.

Fun Fact: you can kind of snug Alpha’s Mask into his Shoulder Pad, ideally his left shoulder. (you don’t have to bend the plastic) for some form of storage.


Nice, I personally haven’t decided if I want to open it or leave it in its box yet

Had mine since June. Opend it once for the code at the time. Sealed that bitch rite back up. Looks good in the box on the shelf 👌

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BE FUCKING CAREFUL WITH IT! The pelvis-to-leg joints are especially tight.

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Your supposed to put it in figures thread 😒 lol jk 😂

That’s what she said xD

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A tip: You can store one of the “wrist blade” on his right shoulder, it will look like the model in artwork and game