Also, what is up with the grey bar?

Why is it moving? Is the update not truly implemented?
@Kassinaillia @IllFonic

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It does the same thing for me. The patch bar at the end goes from 2.37 to 2.39 with the little grey bar going up each time.

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Bugging Grounds

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The gray bar is just a timer.

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But what’s the meaning of the timer? 🤔
That’s what I would like to know.

I saw that I also is for ps players.
I watched BatsCT yesterday and he was having it too.
Wonder what that bar means? 🤔

Guessing you got it too.

The previous patch was 2.37.
The new one is 2.39.
That means you’re stuck somewhere in 2.38.



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Yes. I’m on PS5, and it’s there for me as well.

I don’t think there’s any meaning beyond alternating the display of the last 2 update titles. Purely a visual glitch.

Weird though and a bit irritating to be honest.
I though need to verify my files before or else my game will be laggy. Though it doesn’t take that long luckily. This started after the new patch for me - don’t know if a redownload of the game would fix it?

Happening to me as well on PC, was slightly curious why it was doing that but prob not really worth a reinstall tho I think.

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Probably. And maybe they will fix it with the hotpatch.
I’ll just verify the files before playing and then the game won’t be laggy. Done it two times already after I noticed that the game was laggy and verifying takes 5 minutes at best. So, not much of a problem.

It’s just a progress bar

This is a known issue we’re working on fixing. Let us know if the issue appears to be resolved.

I don’t have it anymore.

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Same here.

I also reinstalled my game and hope that it has fixed the lag I had. I have to see it on Wednesday.

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I would like to know how your game goes when you play it next. I’m noticing some crazy rubberbanding/lag even though my ping says 20-30ms… :(

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I’ll be doing a collab stream on Wednesday if you want to take a peak.
HuntressAihrui on Twitch.

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Cool I’ll take a peak then