amazing game by Illfonic

can someone explain how the Bot revived two fireteam from that distance ?!
nice job Illfonic , you made a shitty game


Nerf the bots , buff the branches


Wow that was by far the most odd behavior I’ve ever seen. PS players be grateful as this never happens on PC where everything is actually for real.PS players living in lalaland.

What i just saw, none of the downed players had self-revive syringe. no bot was actually in the vicinity. How they managed to just revive themselves is a mystery but i bet nobody was on coms to say or tell anyone anything.

Bot revived all of them from the next camp
You can see the bot location when the Pred did target scan !
This game is a joke at this moment and nobady cares actually

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well thats kind of harsh as this is more like an anomoly but thanks for stating what you believe to be the state of the game. Game is a joke if you’re on the receiving end of the joke.

True ,it’s pretty funny… I’ve seen this happen 3 times , whenever someone lags out and is replaced by a bot … they instantly try to revive a downed ft member no matter where they are on the map lol
Crazy shid😂

Has nothing to do with being on ps 🤣🤣 I’ve never seen that happen once there’s not many ps only bugs it usually goes both ways