Amazon got Nerf after one week

Amazon new Melee Predator


Bionic is now like the beginning ?

No 😂😂😂



It seems they’re still keeping the Specs they had on prior to the update if you had a loadout for them. Hope you guys got Stalker or Tracker.

Shit, I only got stalker for pirate.

I have Tracker on Amazon still. Honestly, I kinda wish I had Stalker on Amazon since they have the best Stamina in the game, but they’re also fast & relatively healthy so having Tracker on 'em ain’t too bad.

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Also what does brute and warrior do again?

Yeah at least you got tracker.

Brute is parried attacks deal like 20 points of damage. Warrior halves parry stun, Warrior makes the Hammer quite literally unparryable but that’s its only real notable effect. You can run up to a dude with the Hammer as a Warrior spec and go through all of his knife swings.

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Thanks and are you talking about the Norse hammer?

Pred can’t have nice things

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Yes, the Norse Hammer. If you run it on a Warrior build you can’t be parried with it. You’ll just go straight through parries.

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Interesting but then again it sucks.