an ambitious request: customization, ranges, mode

There are different breeds of yautjas.
There are different social ranks.

1: With a system of ranks as a result of going up from without bleeding to elder, you could take away weapons since the yautjas when they are inexperienced start with enough weapons and as they rise in rank they tend to use less but more sophisticated, to the extent of the elite, who use a large and sophisticated arsenal (example wolf)
Therefore, a tree of ranks could be implemented in the game so that your yautja is focused until a final rank which will grant him various weapons, abilities and different trophies.

2 I think it would be amazing to be able to choose between different races of yautja and have them physically change according to rank. for example the city hunter and the jungle hunter are two different races, since they present different phenotypes.

3 These two ideas that are focused on each person having a unique yautja completely improves the current customization. What could be linked to a new game mode in which your yautja with the lowest rank can gain prestige by accepting missions in different worlds hunting different prey, increasingly difficult to hunt.
This mode could be implemented both offline and online mode in group hunting games.

I understand that all this may be very complex, I don’t know if illfonic would have the capacity for something like that or maybe it would be an idea for a new predator game.

My ideas for the game are basically to bring as much lore as possible about the yautja culture. Knowing that we are all fans I think I would give the game many years of life with this game mode and customization. Since it would be a total immersion in the yautja world.

I would like to know your opinion of both the players and the creators of the game.

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As long as it doesn’t limit weapon choice sure.
So perhaps it affects access to weapon skins?

This isnt a bad idea, but it should be purely cosmetic.

I think that to avoid conflict you say, the “bad blood” range could be implemented which would not limit you in weapons, but it could be penalized in some way either at the level of skills, trophies or it could even lead to another way people who have an elite could try to hunt down a bad blood, which if it wins could take the elite’s skull as a trophy.

I just dont think it would be fair or fun.
That’s all.

You can carry this whole idea in several ways, the truth is, you would have to meditate everything very well to make it work but I think it would be great and I would add several different game modes.
I think it’s fun for a mode other than hunting today. there are people (myself included) who prefer to use fewer weapons taking advantage of the various abilities and advantages that we have.
You could also give the option to rank up, if you prefer to stagnate in a game style, but with the new ranks, different more sophisticated weapons could be offered

This idea would only work if the game was open world progressive style where you unlock and grind stuff.

But this would be actually on the illfonics top list to balance out properly as u would have to actually keep nerfing everytime weapons if pred didnt unlock idk lets say an elder sword lol… or a bow or plasma.

But fireteam already has this high dps and high rpm from start.

Kinda trash wouldnt u agree.

But i wish u could pick which clan you are from just to idk have it be this thing that does not affect how powerful u are… just to kinda be like ah yeh i see u ur city hunter and im jungle hunter thing.

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You’re right about that. My idea would work in an offline mode, but it could be implemented for other online game modes to play in a group with other yautjas

Bruh translation or auto correct did some coke

Hey there, your points are quite interesting, mainly point 1.

As you said, this can be stretched to other directions and somerhing that could be tried (yet this probably means re-creating the entire game, so not feasible) but let me voice it out:

A) You start with a “neutral” --for the lack of a better word-- predator, with some basic stats and weapons

B) Through a set of objectives, you accumulates points that can be applied to “evolve/develop” your Predator.
These o objectives could be:
1: Complete x number of games
2: Complet x number of stealth kill
3: Eliminate x number of FT with x weapon
4: And so on
This could be the “weekly” challenges for the Predator to earn points.

C) You are presented with a tree with branches to select;
1: What Predator clan/race you wanna be
2: Specific technique to master, e.g.: stealth kills, combistick throwing, combistick melee, etc.
3: Level of profiency with a given weapon, which would increase precision/accuracy/power

Of course a set of rules should be added such as: the more you use a weapon the more proficient you are with it making it way more deadly than it’s initial state.
The more time you play stealth the better this skill become for you.

Now, all the “skills” you obtain remains with you but via usage of them you can keep then in “top” shape.
So if you picked a path to use a bow, your character will always be able to use the bow but…
Somehow a decay level could be implemented and as an example you had mastered using the bow but now for and entire week you did not use it or scarcely use it, your level of proficiency with it reduces making the bow slightly “weaker” for you…and if you did not use it at all in a x amount of time, you still have the skill of using the bow but your proficiency is as though you has just start using it.

These could be applied to FT as well if needed.
The decay effect over skills/proficiency would be:
A) Something to seek out and keep playing to maintain it in the desired level
B) But adding the challenge to learn more skills and this way pushing playability higher in order to keep them ina good level

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Hi! I fully support your idea.
As I mentioned before, they are ideas that should be further developed to avoid problems.
But according to your approach, I personally see it very well.
Honestly, I would like this game to be more focused on the predator than the fire team. for fire team we already have private games, hunting and catching the flag.
I think it would be advisable to focus on more exclusive game modes only for yautjas, doing missions or AI fighters

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Super Predators are the scariest. (Predators movie) really scary and nasty looking lol

I’d like them in the game!

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