An influx of noob FT teammates

My teammates are all green. These guys make the stupidest plays that get themselves killed or yourself killed. These guys don’t play efficiently at all and theirs been an increase in them. I don’t understand how someone could be so unaware and oblivious. I want to bang my head on my desk when these players make the absolute worst Plays possible.

Personally, I love these guys.


Be the elder of the game and show them the ways.


New players is a good thing

Sometimes they listen to in game commands like stick together or complete the objective

Maybe if you said something over the mic to inform them that would help

I tend to stab team mates if they are misbehaving

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If it’s a common sense scenario I won’t say anything. ie if the predator is running behind you, stop. turn around and shoot him. You don’t let him keep swinging at you taking shot after shot without fighting back.

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Yup. I was having a parry fest with the Predator a few times, while 3 ps4 players were 10-20 meters away from me, probably looking at the sky or something.

Ya especially when you are doing daily’s and weekly objectives, they die so fast or give away your position to early and you got the A.I and the Pred on your arse 😞


Its because of those players that the fireteam kept getting buffed.

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Wait. Why is everybody complaining about having an influx of new players? They might suck for a bit, but they’re probably still working out how to play the game.
I know there’s tips on the loading screens now, but you’d still need to look at a whole heap of them before you learn about everything.

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New blood is essential and welcome. WELCOME, NEW PLAYERS! GLAD YOU’RE HERE! I’m gonna kill you all though…20200806_100758


Just be happy that there are new players at all.

You have to compensate for new players just like in any other multiplayer game. For instance, you can use them as bait but you should avoid becoming the predator’s main target.

“Predator: Hunting Grounds” is not beginner friendly at all. There is no tutorial for most mechanics but just a written how-to-play. In addition, you won’t get informed in any way ingame if new mechanics are added like specializations. You have to read the patch notes.

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