Ancient trophy bugged

I’ve counted from when i earned elite for 500 claims on fireteam and im rounding nearly 2000 at 1988 claims and trophy still hasn’t popped had the same problem with the barrels at around 500 plus destroyed illfonic you need to fix your buggy as game.

Are you counting dead FT?

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FT skulls are the only skulls that matter. You also need to complete the match and see the end result screen, in order for anything to count.

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On the flip side ? The tree travelling trophy works , I got it last night surprisingly but I was like alot of others , I was sure it was bugged

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You can only claim downed ft players for it to count. If they die it does not count. Also i believe each one is there own set value!

And the barrel one you have to blow them up not just knife and run away cause that counts as the barrel blowing itself up

Also if you are outright killing them lets say they are stealth killable and you kill them and then claim that claim does not count either

Nope only claims and only on fireteam

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Yes i know that that why im pointing out trophy is bugged

Alive FT?

Yes i know this the trophy is broken as hell had the same problem with traditionalist where it had to be a team of 4 all 4 need to be killed and claim with wrist. Blades and all 4 ft members had to still be in match when score came up at end of match for it to count it was buggy as hell

Downed ft

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Did u get the Ancient trophy


Wow, did someone get an ancient trophy?

Ur momma