Angery reviews lol

A lil’ dated, but still true and screamingly funny XD

So unbelievably dated. Little did these guys know just how much WORSE it could get XD


courageous review but i hate his guts. can’t stand the guy. period.

Wow 😂


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Dudes funny lol

Fair enough XD


make me Pickle Pringles man! I have found me NEW HOME!

You’re dead to me.

Still hate his balance takes though

Joe: Says predator is op

Also Joe: stops playing the second he gets shot

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I know you care.
I cant believe youd betray and abandon us all like this.

That was the most stupid review ever.

That guys annoying honestly.

I always had betrayed you all! Now I’m part of the condimentary elites! like the melons, grapes and the mayos, and burgers! and potatoes! I can die in peace!

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What’s wrong with Joe?

Keep in mind it’s been a while since I’ve watched him since his swap to movie reviews

Hes just lame and had horrible takes.

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I watched binged watched his content once and found myself disagreeing with him very little.

Granted this was before I was very analytic so maybe that’s not much of an example

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You binged watch vile content on youtube… is wrong with you. Go get cultured.I also binged watched Ranton. It was good cocaiine at the time. He retired. Angry Joe did not.

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Like i said; WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY dated lmao

That’s what they all say.

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