Ankle Buster, Wrap Artist and being Pred 50 times trophy not popping.

You’ve posted more words than me

To help u understand English loser

I’m so stupid

I know it’s ok

Sometimes you just need a little less brain

Which u could have fooled me


Have a cupcake

Bruh it’s a motherfucking 4v1 asymmetrical XD

Fair point, getting a refund would be like trying to put a turd back up your ass.


Reporting a bug won’t do anything.

There are reported bugs since day 1. Never got fixed.

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They certainly responded to my complaint on BBB

What did they say?

I been in constant contact with a developer and he walked me through it and helped me get the trophies that were bugged.

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It’s unfortunate they don’t post that here for their community, if they have reliable methods of achieving the trophies.

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Amen to that

Ew your in contact with a dev? Go fuck yourself

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Ewww your still responding? What r u obsessed with me? Sorry I don’t flow that way but I do support the gays.


You’re the one that’s gay for this broken game

Go play something else

Game is dead