Ankle Buster, Wrap Artist and being Pred 50 times trophy not popping.

PSN. I have been at these 3 trophies for 3 days in a row now grinding and not 1 trophy has popped when I have done everything it required.

Oh so sad

Deal with it

Trophies are bugged, you’re not getting them

No reason to be a dick. I’m just posting a bug that’s all.

My guy. Who gives a fuck. Play a different game, this one’s garbage. Get a refund if possible.

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Cry about it

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Yeah what would you use, berserker brute with battle axe and fearless?

Dude, quit being a shithead. I don’t know how you have all this time to be a nuisance on the forum. Guy is just asking a question. So what if he wants to play PHG, the game fucking sucks but he still paid for it and wants to get his money’s worth.



I will be shithead because I am champ

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what’s your total trophy count

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I’m currently busy

What’s your trophy count

No ur just a pusy stop denying it lmao

Thought it was tutorial trophy, that’s it

Good day

Lmao no did it say tutorial trophy? No dumbass can’t read lmao

How old are you lol

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