Another try to bug report

I know @IllFonic won’t even read this shit but i had to get this out of my system.
This bug, glitch or whatever happens to me a lot, specially on maps/matches with frame drops.
Sometimes interact buttons don’t work at first try.

  • Popping syrettes (sometimes i hear the sound, but no animation and no effect).
  • Reloading weapon (sometimes i hear the sound, but no effetc, and sometimes the animation starts but stops in the process).
  • Switching weapons.
  • Switch to under barrel grenades with Assault rifle.


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I get that constantly. Especially the syrette issue. And especially after being revived

On another note, I feel like this entire section of the forum is just to troll us. They don’t fucking fix anything

Don’t get downed then. JK
Yeah, now that you mention it, it happens to me too. I have to press the button 20 times for the syrette to work.
Yup, they don’t fix jack shit. It’s useless. They’re useless. Sometimes i wonder what was needed for Cyberpunk to go down temporarly by PSN because of it’s bugs.

I think it was a big enough game and launch to warrant getting fixed. This pissant little game and studio not so much

Yeah sure, but what i mean is it has to exist some kind of rules and laws to guarantee that a functioning game is published, right? To obligate the developers to build and keep a funcioning game.


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this is all related to the “fix” they did to prevent pred players from doing animation cancels, which BTW, didn’t actually fixed any of that. Instead it introduced an atrocious amount of bugs related to the game not being able to process consecutive inputs.

Popping a syrette gets easily interrupted by issuing another command (weapon swap, shooting, melee) and even explosions (camera shake) can disrupt it.

Not like they are ever going to do anything about it. This whole forum category is a waste of time.


Skill issue